Way of the Wizard


Way of the Wizard Podcast


Experience: Reality & Illusion

Truth, Lies, & Perception

The Structure of Existence

Path of Magic (IM Fell English)

The Path of Magic

Conscious Reality Creation

The Quest For The Holy Grail (4)

The Disciple & Mastery

The Liberation of the Imagination 2 (1)

The Liberation of the Imagination

The Great Work

Magnum Opus: The Great Work

Mythos: The Hero & The Quest

Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine

The Book of Living & Dying

The Companion Book:  Mirror, Lamp, Compass, Key

Arcana – Symbolism – Archetypes

Character Explorations


Keys to the Mystery

A traveling typewriter poem project. Keys, hints, whispers, ravings, riddles, clues…

Keys to the Mystery Podcast