Bio + Mission

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”

I was born in the heart of America’s heartland.

Since before I could talk there were questions on my lips and everything was subject to question except my ability to question.
I wondered why everything in this society is backwards, upside down, and inverted? Why beauty, truth and spiritual dimension of life is neglected while the external illusions are worshiped?

Early childhood mystical experiences were glimpses into a deeper reality. Electric tingles of joy in my spine while immersed in beautiful music, deep in the flow state while playing guitar, experiencing no-mind while lying in the grass and gazing at the cloudy sky, lying in bed at night and journeying in consciousness to strange and unknown dimensions.

My question deepened. Who am I? What is the purpose of existence? What is the nature of Reality? Why is the world in such sorrow, pain, and how to heal it? How to end ignorance and awaken to Truth?
What is the true and full history of Humanity, and what is mankind’s highest destiny?

The innocence of childhood changing to the alienation and confusion of adolescence. Feeling like a stranger in a strange world, an ancient soul gazing out upon an insane civilization.

I sought answers to wordless questions like a wanderer in an infinite desert. I sought within nature, in forgotten dusty libraries, in the minds and hearts of Man, and within myself.

Bit by bit, step by step, I found teachers who were as stars in a midnight sky by which one can guide their ship upon the sea. On my journey, I have sat at the feet of many masters.

Deeper and deeper I sought, and farther and farther I traveled beyond the bounds of the known, into the depths of the human mind and soul.
Beyond madness and insanity I walked, into myth, into dreams and legends.
Seeking the keys to the mysteries, the secrets of nature, the Grand Arcanum.

I have found answers, but more importantly, I have found better and better questions. Finally, I have become the question and also the answer. I have entered into the heart of the mystery.

In this Age of Transformation, in these times of great chaos and confusion, humanity approaches a quantum leap in our evolution. The ancient prophecies are being fulfilled as humanity stands at the crossroads, our fate balanced on the precipice.

Down one path lies a dystopian future of inequality and technological control that is devoid of heart and soul. The other path leads to a golden future of universal abundance and spiritual wisdom as we travel amongst the stars as one people united in universal brotherhood.

It is in these times of the Great Shift that I share the fruits of my never-ending quest for those with ears to hear, those seeking transformation of consciousness and the co-creation of a new reality for Man. I provide a vision and a blueprint for individual and collective awakening.

Just as I am. You are the writer of your own myth. You decide how the story unfolds.

I invite you to join me in boldly creating your reality as the expression of your deepest imagination and highest joy.

Together we shall create The Story of the Ages.

You can join me in the journey through the Great Mystery & the creating of a New Earth by joining my Telegram channel and signing up for my email list.

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May the blessings and fruits of this Work be with You, the Earth, and all beings throughout all dimensions of existence.