Foundational tools and understandings for the individual.

The Laws of Creation

The Master Key & The Toolkit

The Master Key of living your deepest passion in every moment.
And the simple Toolkit containing everything that you need that is unlocked with the Master Key.

The Laws of Existence

The fundamental laws of existence that are true in all realities.
Understanding these laws allows you to skillfully move through your reality in harmony with its laws & principles

The 7 Steps of Creation

This process is the universal and eternal way that a thought or idea becomes manifested into the physical reality experience.

Mental, Emotional, & Physical Health

How to Identify and Transform Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs aren’t ultimately true and they don’t serve you in being who you prefer to be. There is a simple process for identifying negative beliefs and transforming them into beliefs that serve you in being who you wish to be.

The 7 Essential Needs

The things you need in life in order to physically, emotionally, and spiritually survive in physical reality.

Simple steps to preventing and curing any and all diseases

Nearly all illnesses and diseases can be prevented and cured by following simple fundamental principles.

Right & Wrong: Freedom & Morality

Natural Law & Objective Morality

Natural law is a set of universal not man-made, binding, and unchangeable conditions, which govern the behavioral consequence of sentient beings.

Anarchism: True Freedom & Morality

Government is fundamentally immoral and violent.
Morality and freedom go together An individual or a society that is not moral cannot be free.

The Declaration of Human Liberty

A declaration of independence and of the innate and irrevocable natural rights for all beings, in all places, at all times.

The Story of the New Earth & The New Human

The New Quantum, Multidimensional Paradigm

We live in a multi-dimensional kosmos, a quantum reality. We are also multi-dimensional beings with a quantum consciousness.

The Story of The New Earth

Humanity is writing a new story. A vision of the true nature and highest destiny of Man. The story of mankind’s liberation from all limitations and enslavements.

The Time of Transition

We are in this death and rebirth process. We’re pregnant with a new consciousness for humanity. And at the other end of this birth canal lies a new world a new consciousness, a new reality for humanity.

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