Abracadabra: “As I Speak, I Create”

Abracadabra is derived from an ancient Aramaic incantation that means “I create as I speak” or “As I speak, I create”.

This points to the truth that human beings are innate creators and our speech is a primary and primordial way in which our creative Will is expressed and impressed upon the world.

As I speak, I create
With my creative Word, I bring worlds into being
I am the magician
Master of the elements and servant of the One

The Word

Words are not dead things, they are alive with meaning and the intentions of the being who utters them.

The Word is creative and language weaves realities.
Language is embedded with patterns of meaning, with vibrational frequencies that can act as codes, keys, and secret passwords.

As it says in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word.”
Creation is spoken or sung into existence by the Creator.
Sound vibration is what existence fundamentally is – energy in a state of vibration.

Words and language are a resonance, are a vibration.
They contain sounds, geometric and mathematical frequencies that can unlock consciousness and matter, that can direct and alter energy.

Our Reality is Made of Language

We cannot evolve faster than we can evolve our language.

– Terence McKenna

Our world, our reality, and our experience are made of language.

Your word and your thoughts structure your experience
And then your experience dictates your thoughts. Creating a self-perpetuating loop.

Truly we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are, and as we think it is.

The word becomes flesh.
The word creates our experience.

The Magic of Words

“Words are vibrations. Words are resonance; they carry within them geometric and mathematical resonances that are representative of the structures of existence itself. And that’s why you still retain the idea that when you speak words, and when you spell words, it literally is the idea of the magical casting of spells.

You still have the idea that when you use words you are spelling. So the idea is that they have power, they have resonance, they are representative of those kinds of proportions and ratios and relationships of energy and frequencies within your reality.”

– Bashar

Names and words are vibrational keys and codes that have the power to effect changes in matter, in energy, in consciousness.

The magicians of old understood this, and through using ancient languages that are closer to nature, closer to reality such as Sanskrit, Hebrew, Aramaic they discovered certain vibrational formulae that can influence consciousness.

They knew that a being could command the elements and hold dominion over the forces of nature through conscious commandment of their reality.

There is nothing supernatural or “magical” about this. It is actually simple physics, although occurring on a much more subtle level than our modern science wishes to acknowledge.

In the future, humans will better understand that words, language, and speech are a form of technology that modifies frequencies, alters consciousness, and therefore can shape even physical reality itself.

The Voice

The human voice is an instrument, is a resonance chamber, is a projector of frequency that can alter reality.

The voice is capable of commanding, inspiring, calling forth, healing, and banishing.
It can invoke and evoke.
It can also harm, curse, and control another.

The human voice can stop another in their tracks, it can cast out demons.
It can calm a crying baby and still a raging tempest.

There is nothing more powerful than a human being conscious of their magical power who speaks with their totality.

The voice of command.
The voice of creation.
The voice of power.

The voice of one who speaks with their entire body, mind, and soul as one.
The voice of one who holds dominion over himself and therefore over all things.

Everyone is a Magician

Everyone is a magician, but not everyone knows this.

Most human beings don’t realize how powerful their words are. Or rather, how powerful their words could be if they spoke them with total will and intention.

The ordinary, unconscious person does not realize their own magical power and so thinks, speaks, and acts without care and conviction. Their beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and actions are not aligned and directed with full consciousness. Therefore, their words and deeds have very little power.

They cast unconscious spells and often curse themselves with defeatist, self-limiting beliefs and thoughts.
They speak about what they do not want and verbalize their own inadequacy.
In this way, they act as an unconscious magician who creates what they do not want. They do not realize that they are the creator of what they experience.

To be a magician is to know that you are a powerful, divine creator
That every thought, word, and deed is powerfully creative when done with one’s entire being, one’s focused will.

The conscious magician cultivates awareness and intention behind every thought, action, and utterance.
In doing this, they elevate simple, ordinary speech into magical formulae, sacred spells, and healing commandments.

Black Magicians & the Manipulation of Language

Dark warlocks use the power of words to cast spells of deception, to obfuscate the truth.

They twist language and render it meaningless.
They make Truth into lies and lies into truth.
They turn meanings and language upside down to disorient and deceive.
They use words and language as hypnotic devices to keep the sleepers asleep.
They cast curses of hate, anger, and fear.

The black magicians aren’t only in movies and books, they are many of the people in our media and our governments.
Mainstream media programming is a mass spell of delusion that confounds and confuses the populace.

One who learns the power of their own words naturally recognizes the manipulation of language and the spells of deception and disempowerment that are chanted at human beings from the time they are born. And there are few who learn to undo these curses and heal the damage they have caused.


The magician uses words as spells, as incantations.
They are the expression of the magicians Will and creative command in the form of sound energy.

They key is to KNOW that your word is Law.
That what you speak becomes reality, that it is so.
That your voice sings realities into existence.

By your words and the feelings and intentions within them,
You can harm or heal.
destroy or create.
Bind or set free.

The Wizard does not hope that his spells and commands work, he knows that they will.
And so they do.

It is the belief, the intent, the knowing behind the words that makes them generative and charged with power.

Imagination + Intention + Vibration + Language + Faith = Creation

Abracadabra is the mantra of one who affirms that:
“As I Speak, I Create”

It is the spell of the magician, the knowing of the wizard who accepts the power and responsibility of being a divine creator.

What do you think?

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