Crop Circles: Sigils, Messages & Keys to Awakening

An exploration of Crop Circles, what they are, why they are here, what purpose they serve, and how we can use them to expand our consciousness and understanding of existence.

Someday in the not to distant future humans will look back and be shocked about how much information, wisdom, and truth was hidden in plain site in our crop circles.

What & Why Are They?

Sigils and seals charged with electro-magnetheric imprints of energy patterns in higher realms.

Keys and codes to unlock energetic doors.

Circuits that serve as focuses and transformers of energy.

Mandalas that are beautiful designs which reflect the sacred geometry inherent in existence.

Messages communicated between the Earth and other inter-dimensional intelligences.

Clues and hints to create a trail of breadcrumbs guiding humanity to greater awareness.

Spells which counteract dark occult rituals done by the shadow controllers.

A synthesis of light and sound containing information and energy to balance and heal the Earth.

A communication and dialogue occurring in the collective unconscious and superconscious of humanity.

“All of you have started it. It is a CONCERT between you, between us, between many different beings and levels of consciousness. Look at it this way: you have dreams, and in the dreams you have created symbols.
Think of the crop circles, or the glyphs, whatever you wish to call them, as the physical manifestation of the symbolic dreams of your entire collective consciousness, manifesting in a symbolic language to the individual components that the collective consciousness is made out of.”

– Bashar

Where Are They?

They are found all over the world, but are most common in the British countryside because of the ancient spiritual energies there – Avebury, Stonehenge, ancient Druids, Arthurian energies.

“So many of them appear in Southern England because there is a focal point there that has to do with linking an old age to a new age. In ancient England were the remnants of the Druids that were offshoots of ancient Atlantian knowledge and it became the seat of psychic exploration and society that formed the link and the bridge into our modern age of exploration of consciousness and spirituality.
There are other areas, and it is spreading around the globe, but Southern England is a main focal point. It is a very magnetic spot for the idea of carrying through from the old cycle to the new cycle. It represents of the earliest gates and vortices through which the energy of the old world was preserved and kept for a time when it would then be applicable and available to the new age that we are creating.

– Bashar

What Do They Do?

Crop circles are not just fancy pictures. They are energy implants that serve to help balance and uplift the collective consciousness.

They may show new understandings of physics, reveal new sources of free energy, and contain keys and codes to unlocking our consciousness.

A multidimensional conversation between the consciousness of the Earth with other consciousnesses in the cosmos.

A planetary and intergalactic language, a language of symbols and hieroglyphs for humanity to decipher so that we can join the conversation.

They serve to help raise human consciousness and balance the energies of the Earth. They are energy attunements. People do not even have to be aware of them or look at them for the crop circle to benefit humanity.

Counter-spells that serve to counteract the dark magic spells and rituals that elitist groups do.

They may be our future selves coming back in time to leave us clues and hints to help us evolve.

A call from the Great Mystery for humanity to open its mind and stretch our perception of the wonder of reality.

“They are a bridge, a link, a language from one reality shift to another.
Understand them by energy, understand them by tone, understand them by form, understand them by how they allow you to feel, understand them by ratio, understand them by mathematics, understand them by any language you wish to because they are universal in that sense and they are the language of your universal collective unconsciousness becoming more conscious. you are waking up.”

– Bashar

All a Hoax?

The idea that a group of humans could make these perfectly shaped, complex sacred geometrical patterns in a few hours at night with some boards and rope is laughable.

Highly talented groups of engineers and scientists have tried to make their own crop circles, but it has taken them many hours to create very primitive and imperfect designs. While authentic crop circles are made within minutes and are usually completely undetected until after the entire design is completed.

The mainstream collective consensus reality chooses to ignore them and dismiss them. The voices of the “experts”, “authority”, and the status quo have deemed the subject irrelevant and a hoax.

This shows how ignorant and arrogant they are, and how at the higher levels our science is controlled by those who know full well that crop circles are genuine communication from other intelligences, but must suppress that to keep humanity in limitation and ignorance of the true reality.

“The energy that is manipulated, is the energy of your planets collective consciousness, the symbols are the expression of the symbolic dreaming that is going on in your collective consciousness now that it is waking up and talking to itself, waking itself up after a long, long, long dream into a new dream. There are other ET, dimensional beings involved in this co-creation.”

– Bashar

Chilbolton, UK 2002.
The circle contains a message in binary code:
“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN promises. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPPOSE DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. (Bell sound).”

Who or What Is Creating Them?

“They are a mutable creation of many different dimensions of consciousness, including your own future, including your own past selves. Including alternate time track selves, including your collective consciousness, including nature consciousness, including extraterrestrial consciousness.There are many authors to these concepts; you are included in that authorship. You just don’t recognize yourselves yet in the picture. Some of them have specific messages, some of them are more specifically tilted or biased in one direction or favored in one direction or another, but they are a co-creation of ALL the dimensions of consciousness that are intersecting in this space/time right now.”

– Bashar


Play slideshow of crop circles in succession and meditate on them.

“We would suggest that one particular strong methodology with which you can access this information is to play or, shall we say, project the images of the crop circles at high speeds, one after another, in front of a person’s eyes in the order in which they were created. Running though the entire sequence over and over again. And watch the different patterns that form in the animation.”

– Bashar

Other possibilities for utilizing the messages, information, and energy of crop circles.

“You are actually seeing, in certain circumstances, shall we say, two dimensional cross-sections of many of the resonant patterns that this infinite particle takes to allow you to see formulas, that when they are translated into harmonics will actually be like keys that will unlock certain dimensional access.
You can use them in a variety of ways. I would translate them into sound, translate them into light; translate them into moving patterns; translate them into mathematical understanding, into magnetic resonance, into architectural ratios.
They are encoded holographically with every possible direction of understanding this idea of the different pattern expressions of the overall Prime Radiant geometric path. They’re all in different unique keys, expressing a different aspect of the Prime Radiant’s primary template geometric path.
You can understand that they are, as we said, just two dimensional shadows of much larger fourth dimensional, fifth dimensional, and sixth dimensional, seventh dimensional, tenth dimensional forms, so to speak. So you are only seeing a slice through these things. If you will start to extrapolate them into unfolding flowers, you will really get a bigger sense of the kind of dimensional resonance they represent. You’re just getting shadows on the ground.”

– Bashar

Great site for high-quality crop circle images and information: The Crop Circle Connector

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