Only Radical Love & Unity Can Heal Divided Humanity

The planet is polarized and desperately needs a radical unification of the 7+ billion human beings who live here.

Only a critical mass of individuals who choose love, understanding, and compassion can heal the split in the collective psyche.

The world needs a powerful message and an example of radical, unconditional love and unity.

Nothing less than an evolutionary leap in consciousness where we transcend our belief in separation, our attachment to our own beliefs, our deeply ingrained polarity will allow humanity to move forward to a golden future.

By coming together in our common human experience and values and choosing radical love instead of division, we shall reclaim our world for the heart and soul of humanity.

The Peak of Polarity

The time we are in now is the peak of the duality, the pinnacle of polarity.
Our separation consciousness is coming to a point where it is so unhealthy and dangerous that we must heal it or destroy ourselves.

The polarity, duality, and conflict in humanity exists so that we can learn to transcend it and come into unity consciousness.

Our world is steeped in beliefs and ideas of separation and lack. And so, all the conflict in our society is merely the natural effect of those fundamental beliefs.

Ultimately the conflict is teaching us to learn to love. And the primary thing is to love oneself.

The Outer Division is the Reflection of the Inner Separation

All of this division and conflict in the outer world is the reflection of the division and conflict within the individual.

Those who vehemently argue and fight against others are doing so only because they are projecting their own shadows and demons outward. By trying to make the world “right,” they are unconsciously trying to make it conform to their own ego.

They need to engage in their own process of shadow work to heal their traumas and correct the misperceptions and false beliefs that have made them so unhappy and caused them to believe that they must fix the world according to their belief.

The Mind Creates the Illusion of Separation

The ego and this world are designed to make you believe that they are real and that separation is true.
From this state of consciousness, everything is perceived in terms of division, polarity, and separation.

Everything is “us” vs. “them” and “right” vs. “wrong.”

This is the state of the human being and humanity existing in a state of ignorance. To always be in conflict and the struggle to survive.

Spiritual awakening and rising in consciousness is to begin to see through the illusion of form and separation. To realize that you are the world and the world is you.

This perception of the truth expels the illusion of separation and leads to the recognition of the nature of existence as being made of, from, and in unconditional love.

That love itself is the energy, the frequency, the substance of all form.

It is only the human ego, enmeshed in its own darkness, that believes in separation and so creates conflict.

Engineered Division

It is important to also understand that not all of this division and hatred of others is natural. A significant portion of it is manufactured and encouraged by the structures of power and influence in our world.

There is, and has been for a long time, an agenda to divide people. To sow division, hate, anger, and judgment. This “divide and conquer” agenda is engineered by beings who have sought to suppress and control humanity.

As powerful and creative beings, the only way the few could control the many was to condition them into a state of fighting each other and learning to despise those who don’t believe as they do.

This is especially true anytime the population is threatening to unite and take down those pulling the strings of power behind the scenes. 
When this happens, various separation narratives and agendas are perpetrated and encouraged to keep people fighting over racism, sexism, class, etc.

This is pushed by the media, social media, entertainment media, politics, and people of influence. These institutions literally profit off of creating drama and division.

The only enemy of humanity is ignorance, secrecy, corruption
And what is happening in our world today is the revealing of the great corruption that has taken root in every institution of power and influence in our world.

The so-called “elites,” those who have manipulated and controlled humanity for millennia, don’t want humanity to be united in love, brotherhood, and common intention.

They want us divided, fighting against each other, and therefore distracted from fighting against our true enemy and ignorant of the true source of our sorrow.

Divided we are weak, united we are infinitely strong.
We are capable of miracles upon miracles if only we could come together and co-create.

Choose Love

We are One.
We are on the same team.
We are all one consciousness, on life, one humanity.

Even if we disagree, have different perspectives and beliefs,
Even if we live in different realities,
We can honor and respect one another.
We can come together, despite our differences and work out solutions and come to agreements and understandings.

It doesn’t matter what you believe to be true.
It doesn’t matter how “wrong” you think others are.
There is never any excuse to cast judgment on them.

You can choose love, no matter what excuses appear to justify hate.
You can choose unity, despite how much the media gives you reasons to choose division.
Despite how good it feels to our ego to condemn and make others wrong, you can choose understanding.

Seek Understanding

Seek to understand others
See the other as a human being with their own experiences that leads them to be who they are.

Have the willingness to listen to the other.
To hear them and attempt to see it from their point of view.
Have the humility to know that they have something to reveal to you, to teach you.
Be willing to suspend judgment and truly SEE them as they are

Not attempting to silence and delete and fight the other.
Not attempting to label them as a nazi or communist or Marxist or fascist and therefore feel justified in hating them and persecuting them.

Common Ground: We All Want the Same Thing

We all want the same things; we may just disagree on how to go about it.
And that is perfectly fine. Healthy debate and discussion are vital.

But today, there is such an agenda to see the “other” as deeply wrong and dangerous.
There is no effort to understand their perspective and find common ground.

We must realize that we are One.
That we share the exact same desires and values.
We want to be free; we want to flourish, we want to live in a world that works for ALL.

We may have different ideas about who this comes about, but our values and dreams are the same.

Radical Love

“Love heals all things. Love embraces all things, trusts all things, transcends all things, transforms all things, and returns Reality gently to where it has never left, the depth of your own being.”

– Yeshua

Love itself is radical.
One of the greatest examples of love that has walked the Earth was a radical, revolutionary force.

To live your life in and as love is the most radical thing a person can do.
For we live in a world that teaches you from a very young age to separate, to judge, and to close your heart.

Radical love is a fire that cleanses all impurities and illusions.
It will burn away from you all that is not Truth.

Be the Presence of Radical, Unconditional Love

I seek to be an example and an expression of RADICAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
That even the one who spits at me and tries to fight me because what I believe to be true is different from what they believe is my beloved brother and sister.

I have known individuals of all different backgrounds, nationalities, political leanings, languages, temperaments – and I have found them all uniquely precious and lovable. Even in their limitation, ignorance, and tragedy.
I see that all are seeking union, beauty, freedom, power, which is ultimately the experience and knowing of LOVE.

I reject no one, just as I shall never reject myself, for I know that everyone I see or meet is myself.
I know that those who are possessed by their own ignorance and unconsciousness are also made of, and from, unconditional love.

I know that they are this way because we have all been born into a world that denies and surpasses the human soul, the imagination, the heart. And so it is no wonder that a majority of humanity is crippled, confused, lost, and fighting against their own shadows.

I desire only humanity to come together and realize our true potential.
I see so much beauty and sacredness in every human being I meet.

Perhaps I am a drunkard, I am a fool, I am a madman.
For all those who choose only love are insane in the eyes of this world.
Yet I know that I am True.

Love Is All

Love, Love Love.
Existence itself is woven of unconditional love.
There is nothing else.

All are held in the unconditional embrace of The Creator.
Everything that exists deserves to exist – or else it would not.
Who am I to judge and to condemn?

It is time for humanity to drop our conditioned responses and open to a totally new dimension of existence.

I shall fight and live my life dedicated to a RADICAL unification of humanity through unconditional love and acceptance.

I, and a growing critical mass of others, are transforming this world through the simple presence and energy of forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.

I encourage you to drop all the excuses and barriers you have built up around yourself to prevent you from feeling love for yourself, for others, and for existence.

Only love has the power to transform this world.

It is only an expression of radical love that can heal the division in humanity and allow us to undergo The Great Shift into a New Reality.

What do you think?

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