The Hologame of the Earth Experience

There is a certain game created and being played out on Earth, a unique experience, a form of a play – where human beings have chosen to co-create a reality experience where we can experience deep limitation, intense duality, and great challenge.

A game where we are born into this world and forget everything.
We forget who we are, what we are, and why we come here.
We forget that we are an eternal spiritual being and that this is all simply a consciousness simulation to give us a certain experience.

The Hologame

We exist in and as a consciousness hologram.
It is the Planet Earth Hologame training simulator and a multidimensional video game.

It is consciousness simulation we have created and co-created with the rest of humanity to have certain experiences for the purpose of exploration, creativity, and our ultimate spiritual growth.

In this Hologame, nothing is ultimately real, nothing ultimately matters.
It is only the experience that matters and the things we learn from that experience.

Matter does not “matter.”
Only the experiences within matter, matter.

Your physical body is the avatar that allows you to enter and exist in this world.
When you choose your avatar and incarnate into the game, you agree to abide by the rules of the Earth Game.
Not that some of these rules can’t be bent or even broken, but generally, this game, like all games, is structured by rules.

This virtual reality simulation, this holographic game, is meant to teach.
It is the perfect training simulator to reflect to you exactly what you are and what you are creating so that you can learn perfect mastery.

It is a multidimensional mirror that reflects to you everything that you put out so that you can learn, grow, evolve.

You Create the Game

You choose the time, place, and parents of your birth
You choose the environment to be born into.
You set up certain contracts and plans for your life in order to have the experiences you wished to have.

This is the game, the play, that we are co-creating. And so there’s no need necessarily to blame the beings on Earth, be they human or not, who have created the conditions of this great limitation.
Those who have created the society and the culture where there’s so much injustice and limitation and monetary system slavery and suppression of human consciousness.

Although this may be true on the physical reality level, from the deeper level, this is all just part of the game.
It is the acting of the theatre upon the stage and the unwinding of the thread of the Great Story.

This was all agreed upon, and this was all co-created in order to create a certain experience a certain environment for the human being.
The Hero needs the dark side and the villains to tempt them, test them, and give them an Adversary to conquer.

We Are Here to Explore, Discover, Create, and Learn

We are born into this world and thrown into this insane culture. With all these limitations placed upon us and challenges of family, cultural conditioning, the monetary system, childhood traumas, and many other influences which serve to challenge us.

Being born into this world of great limitation, our task is to discover self-empowerment and freedom.
We are given the opportunity to create ourselves from nothing, to discover ourselves, and experience ourselves from a new point of view.

We have complete freedom and free will to do with it as we wish, to create whatever we wish. We are allowed to choose what we create – whether it be a beautiful sculpture or whether we create a life of pain and suffering.

It’s our free will choice and our divine dignity to be allowed to create whatever we wish and experience the results of our creations – be they positive or negative, painful or joyful.

Life is a game and should be treated as such.
Play! No need for seriousness.
If you don’t attain the goal this time, you can take as many tries as you need.

You Must Complete Your Quests & Resolve Energetic Loose-ends

To complete the game, you must resolve all loose ends, or Karmas, or unfinished business.
You must resolve all that is incomplete here. Not enforced by any external being, but this is your own self-enforced choice.

You cannot graduate from this school, pass on to the next level until you have learned the lessons and wrapped up all your tasks.

Awakening & Mastery is the Goal

There are an endless number of games and quests one can undertake in the Hologame.
But the ultimate purpose of the Hologame is to wake up within it and realize that your true self, your reality exists outside of the game.

The purpose of the game is to learn who you are and who you are not.
To discover your reality and express it within the game.

The point of human existence is to have the experiences, to learn the lessons, to create, and to explore. And then, ultimately, to wake up to realize the truth of ourselves and existence.

To know that you are All That Is, to know that you are God.
To know that you have created it all.

And to know that, perhaps you’ve experienced enough limitation, that now you’re ready for a more expanded state of being.

That through your deep exploration of darkness and limitation, you have learned much about the light, freedom, truth, and love.

So we come to this world to experience these contrasts.
The more we learn about dark, the more we can be the light.
The more we experience limitation, the more and deeper our knowing of our infinite freedom.

The game only lasts as long as we believe it to be ultimately real.
As we begin to realize that it is just a dream, just a Hologame, we naturally transcend it and move on to the creation of a more expanded game.

This Game is God’s Infinite Video Game

From the deepest, most expanded level, this game is God, the Creator, existence itself, exploring all aspects of itself in every way possible.
It is The One exploring deep limitation, duality, polarity, and forgetfulness of itself.
The One becoming billions and billions of beings who share their experiences back with The One.

We are all God who has incarnated into this human body and forgotten that we are God.
We can have 1000s and 1000s of lifetimes to have every manner of experience so that in some timeless moment, we realize that we are, and always have been, All That Is.

When that eternal moment happens, we won’t need to play that game anymore, and we can go on to playing a new game.
A game where we then become the creators of worlds and universes.

The Universal Masterclass

And so, this is what the human experience is about. It is the most challenging school. It is the Universal Masterclass where very adventurous and bold souls go to experience such a challenge because they know that they will learn and grow and be greatly benefited.

Always remember that “life is but a dream,” this reality-experience is but a game. It is a creation and a co-creation of your soul to have a great adventure.

You are like an avatar in a video game, creating a world in which you incarnate into to grow and expand your experience of the infinitude of your self.

So play the game. Have fun, enjoy yourself.
And remember that it is a game.

It is not the Reality.
It is a reality within your greater reality.

Your reality-experience is a consciousness simulation, a Hologame for the growth and evolution of the soul.

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