Creator, Create!

The Creator, in its infinite creativity, creates creation through the act of creating.

The Creator

The closest you can get to God, to divinity, to The Creator, is to create.

In the act of creation, you are expressing your nature as the son or daughter of the most high.

You are made in the image of God.
You are a divine creator.
You can never lose this, though you can be ignorant of it.

Human beings are gods in training.
To be Human is to learn to consciously and lovingly wield emotion and energy and sculpt them into works that exalt the soul.


The fundamental quality of The Creator is creativity.

This everlasting novelty is expressed in every aspect of Creation
It is the flowers in spring and the newborn babe.

Even destruction is part of the ceaseless creation.
Even death is part of life.

Creativity is divine.
It is of the gods.

It is how The Infinite expresses itself,
By pouring forth itself into endless variety and novelty.

The Creator is creativity itself.
You come to know The Creator within its Creation through expressing your creativity.

This is how you make yourself equal to God, how you become an active participant in the Great Mystery.


Creation isbecause The One wished to play, to sing, and to dance.
Because it wished to know “What am I?”

To fulfill this one questioning desire for exploration,
The One created reflections of itself to explore and play with.
Doing this so that it may experience itself from every possible point of view.

Creation is the manifestation of the imagination of The One.
All of creation is a dream within its holy mind.

And just as everything is within the imagination of The Creator,
And you are a creator,
So are you and your reality-experience, the imagination of yourself.


To create is magic.
It is to be a miracle worker.

It is to make something from nothing.
To turn the mundane into the miraculous,
The profane into the sacred,
The ordinary into the extraordinary,
And lead into gold.

To be a creator is to be a magician, an alchemist, a poet, a painter, a sculptor.
It is to wield universal intelligence and craft something of Beauty and Truth.

Our world worships the intellect, but the mind without creativity is crippled and dangerous.
It can only repeat the same thinking and has no heart, spirit, and soul.
It is the artist, the poet, the creator who is engaged in the act of creation and therefore closer to life.

To create is to be alive and flowing with the rhythm of life.
When one ceases to create but instead repeats and sinks into dullness, they become stagnant.
This is the only death possible in life.



Just as you have been created,
So create yourself.

As a divine creator,
You and you alone craft your world, your reality, your experience.

Do not ask: “Who am I?”
For this question has no answer.

State: “Who I am!”
THIS is who I create myself to be, create my reality to be.
For as the child of God, you are imbued with the dignity and the power to create yourself as you choose to be.

Become the magician, the alchemist, the artist, the poet of your life’s creation.

Creator, Create!

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