Nothing is Impossible, Except Nothing

Existence is infinite
that is its nature
For existence contains All That Is

In Infinity
everything is possible
Anything and everything that could be
will be
As time and space are ultimately illusions
Everything already is right Here & Now

Existence IS

The only thing that cannot be
is non-being
The only thing that cannot exist
is non-existence

Non-existence is already full of everything
that does not and will never exist
Non-existence is full
of nothing

You exist
so you will always exist
You are
so you will always be

Existence cannot become non-existence
& non-existence cannot become existence
They are absolutely separate ideas

Since everything that could exist
does exist
Anything you can imagine
you can create
Anything you can dream
you can live
Anything you can believe
you can perceive

This is why:

Nothing is impossible

What do you think?

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