Paradox is the Law of Life

The paradox that is the law of life

That to live we must die
That to be, we must be not
That to attain immortality we must pass through death
That to be everything, we must be nothing

That to have we must let go
That to receive we must give
That to keep we must share
That to be loved we must shower love

That to attain peace, we must accept chaos
The way to heaven is through hell

That to be free we have to relinquish choice
That to be in liberation requires great responsibility

That to be exalted, we must be humble
That to be truly humble, we must know our exaltation

That to be a sage is to be a fool
But to be a fool is not to be a sage

That the first are last
And the last are first

That to seek is to miss
And not to seek is to miss

That to see we must close our eyes
That to hear we must block our ears
That to know we must drop our mind

That the only way there, is to be there


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