Fact & Truth: The Fundemental Difference


Alles Vergängliche
Ist nur ein Gleichnis;
Das Unzulängliche,
Hier wird’s Ereignis;
Das Unbeschreibliche,
Hier ist’s getan;
Das Ewig-Weibliche
Zieht uns hinan.

All that is transitory
Is but a metaphor
The unknown is here!
The indescribable is here!
The Eternal Feminine
Beckons us on and on and on…..

Goethe’s Faust. Part II. Act V

All things are transitory.  All things are metaphors.  All forms are expressions of the formless.  All things are metaphorical references, and we human beings are transitory images of That – that unknown, that infinity, that eternity .  

And that mystery, that formless suchness is right here, now!  Appearing as every-thing; as you, the other, the flower,the coffee mug, the tree, your thoughts, feelings, emotions….

The blankness of the canvas is the space which births the painting
The substance gold may be formed into infinite shapes and forms
The Mother of form is formlessness

Our stories, our myths, are metaphors written by metaphors.  All pointing to, all expressions of the Truth which cannot be known, cannot be said.  The only way to know it, is to be it.  The only way there is to be there.

On the Difference Between Truth and Fact

Truth itself can not be said; it can only be expressed through myths, parables, metaphors, symbols, poetry.
Facts can be told through prose, numbers, concepts, speech, figures,

Logical truths are ordinary, mundane facts – history, mathematics, politics….
Poetic truths are extraordinary facts – poetic symbols, metaphor, mythic stories….

Truth can only be established and become a reality for the individual, in his own experience
Facts can be borrowed from others, memorized and forgotten, gotten from a book

Facts change from day to day, year to year….. Truth is
Truth is eternal, it is a deeper reality –  formless realities cannot be seen.  All forms must be temporary and therefore in the eyes of eternity, ultimately only illusions.

There are certain things which although are not physical not material, are more real than that which you can see, touch, feel.
They are Eternal, an eternal truth.
Forms are constantly changing, being born and dying: only a formless reality can be eternal, unchanging, Real.

Is the Real that which you can sense –  see, touch, hear?
That which is material, that which is a flux?
Or is the real that which is neither born or dies, that which is formless, eternal?

Facts are objective
Truth is subjective
By subjective it is meant that it can never be made an object of knowledge, it can never be expressed, formalized.  It can only be attained by the individual in his aloneness.

Central to seeing the difference in reality between Truth and fact lies in knowing the reality of that which is formless.
Love, gravity, music, art, poetry – These things do not have any material utility, what they evoke is immaterial; yet not only do we believe in their existence, much of humanity values love, beauty, and the feelings and experiences evoked by these things.

True Religion is the experience of immaterial realities, that the formless is much more real than the seemingly solid forms, that Truth is different from fact.
A metaphor expressed in a myth is more true than a literal fact, or rather true in a different and deeper way – subjectively, psychologically, spiritually.
It is an outward expression of an inner reality, an inner experience, an inner truth.

“Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth–penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words. It is beyond words. Beyond images… Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim, to what can be known but not told.”
– Joseph Campbell
And all things beautiful and true are subjective
Living in an objective universe – only that which is concrete, material is real – is a very limited way to live.  In materialism, utilitarianism There is no poetry, no beauty, no mystery, no wonder and no joy.

Love has no material existence, no shape or form. But all except the most hardened materialist will not deny its existence, it’s influence, it’s reality.  That compared to love all else is burnt up
Same with music, beauty…..

Truth is given expression in our myths – motifs like the virgin birth, the heroes journey, death and resurrection,-these are truths, they are always accurate symbols and expressions of the way reality is, the way life moves.

All beauty sings the existence of formless truth


Some Examples of Mythical Births and Their Significance

Jesus and the Virgin Birth

The Bible tells that Jesus was born of Mary, a virgin.  The church teaches that it is a historic fact that he did not have a biological father.
The meaning is not that Jesus was literally born from a virgin; but that the religious consciousness is not born out of man, not born out of duality. It is born out of the unknown. Virgin means pure, uncorrupted.  One can only be born into religion through being pure and uncorrupted by man, by outside influences, society, your own desires.

The religious consciousness is uncorrupted and untouched by man.  It means you have dropped or gone beyond all that is the creation of man: doctrines, dogmas, language, concepts, ideologies, forms, and rituals.  Not being born out of the pairs of opposites, out of duality means that what is born is not the product of time and the mind.  It is not something that you can bring about on your own – you can become a womb, you can create fertile soil – but what enters in is greater than you.

People miss the poetry of this, the beauty, the significance. The deep truth that this image, this story, this myth reveals to you, the individual.  That each and every person can give birth to themselves, can undergo a second birth.
When you take it as fact it becomes ridiculous.  For thousands of years theologians have been trying to prove that Jesus was literally physically born from a virgin.  This same thing has happened with many other stories in the Bible which are beautiful poetic, mythological metaphors, which convey deep truths but are not facts, and are not meant to be taken literally.

Christianity has become absurd because the poetry has been missed and a literal fact has been created out of the poetic metaphor; this brought in argument, and the attempt to prove a metaphor through logic.

Why have we created vast concept structures and dogmas out of simple mythical, poetic stories?
Because with a man like Jesus either you answer his call to “become as me” or you one way or another cannot hear him and so distort him, kill him, worship him – it all comes to the same.
Jews crucified him, Christians have killed him.  Jews killed only the body, Christians killed the spirit, the essence.
Rather then truly be a disciple of Jesus, become as him, and undergo a great inner revolution; people have put him up as a God-man who is separate from human beings – to be worshiped.  When you take the stories as facts rather than metaphors there is a great gulf between you and Jesus, he is fundamentally different than you and you have no way of reaching him.

From the womb of physical is born the religious consciousness. The lower is the foundation for the higher

The Buddha’s Birth

In Buddhist mythology, Guatam Buddha’s mother dies in giving birth to him.  Because of this story, many Buddhists say that Jesus and Krishna and others cannot be Buddhas(one who is awake) because their mothers did not die in giving birth to them.

Whether Buddha’s mother died or not is irrelevant,   the significance of this metaphor is that the old consciousness must die in order for the new to come in.  The beautiful metaphor, and symbolic story shows us that in order to give birth to the religious consciousness in you, the mother has to die, you have to die – for you are the mother.  It is something you sacrifice yourself for while knowing that in giving birth to it, it is bigger than you, more important than you.


The historical fact: Whether the Buddhas mother really died or not is the fact, it is ultimately irrelevant but if we had reliable historical records we could say whether she really lived or died.  Buddhist literature says that she died seven days after Buddha’s birth.

The mythical truth: the truth is that the hero, the savior’s mother always dies in giving birth.  That in order for something truly great to be the old must die, he or she must be live and grow on their own.  Many hero’s in mythic stories have mothers who have died or disappeared. (Frodo, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker…)

The psychological/spiritual truth: In order to give birth to divinity, the unknown – the known must die.  To live you must die.   The you is the ego, the identity, the past, the one who thinks, the one who thinks he is separate from existence.
You become pregnant and give birth to something which is wholly unknown to you and willingly know that it may kill you and joyfully rejoice in your death if it means a resurrection of that which is and always has been real.  When you are pregnant with Buddhahood, with religion you will die – only one of you can live.  Either the ego, the mind, the past, the identity will continue or that entity surrenders and allows the unknown to penetrate.  You are both the mother and the child, and if you cling to the old the new cannot be born.


A Taoist Parable from China

It is said that when Lao Tsu(which means  “the old boy”) was born he was already 84 years old.  He lived in the womb until he was 84 and then popped out already old, gray, wrinkled, and wise.

What is the meaning of this parable? That when the religious consciousness is born it is simultaneously old and new. It is as fresh and innocent as a newborn yet as ancient and as wise as an old sage.

Thankfully the Chinese have not taken this parable literally. “The Beard that can be cut is not the true Beard”

Each person has to give birth to religion in themselves, they have to be a womb for religion. In India they have a term called twice born for someone who has birthed religion in themselves after their physical birth. dwija, ( Sanskrit: Dwi – two; jā – born) They have given birth to themselves, they have become their own father and mother and given birth, or rather allowed something wholly new, a new dimension to be born in them.

The first birth is the physical birth out of duality, the first birth has already happened and you didn’t have any choice in it.  The second birth is up to you to undergo, this second birth is not of the body but of the soul.  Only one who undergoes a second birth, a death and resurrection can truly be said to Be, to be awake, to have attained or found their true being.

What do you think?

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