The Gambler

The true gambler cannot lose

For by being willing to risk everything nothing can be taken from him

Nothing can hurt him, nothing can cripple him.  He grasps nothing, needs nothing and has nothing which can be lost.

The Gambler has already won before the game starts.  So how can he lose?
When you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose
your invisible now you’ve got no secrets to confuse
Live as a gambler
The Fool Tarot card. Represents change, new beginnings, movement, spontaneity, optimism, joy, risk, rashness, gambling and adventure.
To be alive is to take risks, without gambling you are living but you are not alive
You are not vital, not joyous, not playful
Discover the great security of insecurity, there is no such thing as security in this world
Fail, taste failure, taste it fully, and gamble again – and suddenly you have won
Hold on to nothing
For Death will reveal to you that nothing in this world is yours
And the ultimate gamble is to seek God
To risk it all for all
The supreme daredevil is the mystic, the truly religious man
For it is the adventure into the complete unknown, the utter mystery.
Life can only flower, can only explode into the kingdom of heaven when you are willing to gamble, when you are willing to leave your comfortable safety, your quiet desperation.
The religious person is one who has a deep driving existential question, a question that is more a thirst than a verbal question.  And makes his life into a quest – willing to risk his sanity, his respectability, his comfort, his security, his life in order to answer or dissolve the question.
For the chance, for the intuition, for the possibility of attaining true being, true understanding, true knowing, true bliss, true freedom.
Philosophy is a question, Religion is a quest.  Philosophy is a curiosity, Religion is an obsession.  Philosophy leaves you the same, Religion requires you to be transformed – to die and be reborn.
It is the one gamble in which losing your life may be the winning toss
“For to lose your life is to find it”
The secret of gambling is that if you have learned the lesson of life
If you play right – with abandon, risk, playfulness, fearlessness, egolessness – you can’t lose
You willingly die, surrender to the unknown
And only then are you living, do you taste deathlessness
The gambler walks the razors edge between chaos and order
Between intention and surrender
Between my will and thy will
He cheats fate because he has the courage to attempt the (seemingly) impossible or improbable
It’s time to toss the dice

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