The Great Unraveling: The Collapse of the Old World & the Old Consciousness

We are in the time of The Great Unraveling.

And now, the mask has been pulled away, showing what our institutions and systems truly are.

Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, and no-one can put him back together again.

It all must fall so that a New Earth can be built and created.

All must be unraveled so that our world can be woven anew. … More The Great Unraveling: The Collapse of the Old World & the Old Consciousness

The Waste Land

The Waste Land is the dry, infertile land. The world devoid of beauty and nourishment.

The Waste Land is not physical, geographical, it is not either psychological. Rather it is existential.

It is a hankering, chronic dis-ease and dissatisfaction. An untraceable lack, void, and wound in the soul of man. … More The Waste Land


I. There is one God, one Truth, one Reality The transcendent ground of being, All is in God and God is in All. God is that which IS II. There is one Religion There are not hundreds of Religions on the Earth. Religion is the linking back of the individual with the whole.  It is … More ONE

Catalysts of Change

There are three fundamental ways of radically changing. Of being transformed, of undergoing a radical revolution in ones life, in ones consciousness, in ones trajectory in life. They are: The way of shock, the way of love, and the way of awareness. Ordinarily what really matters is obscured by the thousand and one things in … More Catalysts of Change

The Movement of Life

The Movement of Life, the trajectory, the journey of the Human Being   I. Condensation II. Innocence III. Fall IV. Identity V. Quest VI. Crucifixion VII. Second Birth   VOID I. Condensation Forget Begin Enter Wake ………… Breathe……… ………. Observe Wonder Taste Touch Feel Hear See Become Play Eat Drink Sleep II. Innocence Identify Obey … More The Movement of Life