The Great Unraveling: The Collapse of the Old World & the Old Consciousness

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.”

We are in the time of The Great Unraveling.
We are experiencing the collapse of an Old Consciousness and the Old World that was built and maintained by humanity existing in a state of deep ignorance and limitation.

Our world has been enmeshed in a great tyranny and a great illusion.

A corruption that has infected every major institution, every system, every position of power in our world.

For the past years the structure of our society has been increasingly decaying and deteriorating, with only a few threads keeping everything together.

And now, the mask has been pulled away, showing what our institutions and systems truly are.
Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, and no-one can put him back together again.
The genie is out of the bottle, and nothing can put it back in and keep things as they were.

It all must fall so that a New Earth can be built and created.

All must be unraveled so that our world can be woven anew.

The Collapse of A False Empire

What we are seeing in the world today is the utter and complete collapse of an old system, an old world, an old paradigm.

It seems like everything is crumbling and society is utterly destroying itself.
But this is good, because the old system has to completely collapse before it can be rebuilt upon a true foundation.

The old, rotten structure must be completely demolished so something totally new and beautiful may be built in its place.

We are now experiencing the dissolving of old energy and influx of new higher energy.
Therefore, much of the old, deeply unconscious energy is coming to the surface that can no longer be hidden or be ignored.

Everything that is based in illusion and dependent on darkness and secrecy is breaking down and being exposed for what it has always been.

All past-due karmic bills are being cashed in.
Everything based in falsity is falling apart and the corrupt have nowhere left to hide.

The madness in our civilization has reached its peak and now it is collapsing under its own weight.

End Times Madness

To many, it seems as if the world is ending, as if humanity has gone mad.

Many are experiencing a sort of “End Time Madness”. Where they are going more and more insane under the pressure of their negativity and false beliefs.
They are more and more being driven to psychosis by all the media programming that creates division, fear, and confusion.

There is a general feeling in the zeitgeist that we are on the verge of a total collapse, that we could soon be in a post-apocalyptic world.

If you are too invested in the systems and structures of this Old World, then this will be a stressful time for you. But if you can take the perspective that the false is coming undone so that a totally new world can be built – then you will see the current unraveling as necessary to reveal the healthy core within.

That yes, we may be in an End Times, but we are also in a Beginning Times.

Everything in existence moves in cycles, and all signs point to the fact that we are at the end of an Age and moving into a new one.

It is simply time for the Old World to fall and for everything to be revealed so that a New Earth can be born.

In this time of revealing and unraveling, everything that is out of alignment with truth, with love, with the light, with the higher vibrations is being exposed and torn down.

Not one stone will be left unturned.

And under those stones will be found all manner of hidden and unconscious expressions of human corruption.

Humanity’s Dark Night of the Soul

We are entering the healing crisis, the Great Purge of all darkness from Earth.

Do not become obsessed with the crumbling of our civilizations false-systems and structures.
Do not become lost in the drama of a dying world.

The world isn’t really getting any worse – just the hidden, unconscious, aspects are coming to the surface so that we can see what we have been, understand who we are, and make decisions about who wish to be.

We are either in right now, or soon will be in, Humanity’s Dark Night of the Soul.

The time when we come face to face with our deepest darkest shadows and difficult to swallow truths.

The Dark Night visits us so that we can experience our deepest darkness and pass through it into a new dawn.

Let The Old Die So The New May Be Born

Do not cling to outdated and false ideas and beliefs about yourself and your reality.
Do not try to hold together an insane society.
Do not weep for the end of the Old World.
It is a corpse already,
Let it die!

Do not feed the fires of duality.
Do not get emotionally evolved in the drama of this Great Unraveling .
Do not succumb to hatred, fighting, fear, judgement, and blame.

Sit in deep presence and observe what is occurring.
Bear witness to the dying of the Old World.
You will see a world in flames, but it need not touch you and it need not disturb your peace.

For you can know that normalcy has been disrupted and everything is in upheaval precisely because such big changes are occurring – changes which are all part of the process of a death and rebirth into something far better.

Start working now on new systems, new ideas, and the fostering of a new consciousness.
Work with others of like mind and come together in communities of light.

These are the times that shall test our strength and challenge our spirit.
And it is in the crucible of these fires that our soul is forged.

Death and Rebirth

The unraveling, the exposure, and the fall of the corrupt must occur and nothing can stop it.
For that which is based on illusion, on fear, on control, and in darkness cannot continue forever.

All evil contains the seed of its own destruction.

We will look back on these times as the era when humanity awoke from a long sleep, from an ancient curse of forgetfulness, limitation, and ignorance.

We will know it as the time when mankind awoke to the truth of our condition and of our de facto enslavement within a control system more nefarious than many currently know or even could imagine.

Both humanity and the Earth itself are undergoing a transformation, The Great Shift from one state of consciousness to a higher one.

Not everyone on Earth has chosen to make that shift and awaken into a New Reality. We are in that transition state where humanity splits and goes in differing directions depending on one’s state of consciousness.

If you are here now, you are here to contribute to this rebirth of human consciousness and the awakening of the human spirit.

In the depths of night, a small light is born.

What do you think?

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