Choosing Dangerous Freedom Instead of Peaceful Slavery

Freedom is not really dangerous. It is only dangerous to those clinging to a false sense of security.

And it is dangerous to those who profit off of keeping people afraid and therefore enslaved.

People will try to tell you that your freedom is selfish and can kill others.
This is an insane belief.
It is a belief programmed into people by a control system that seeks to keep them imprisoned.

They tell you not to wander outside of the cage or else you will hurt yourself and hurt others.

The “powers that were” in our world have attempted to make you believe that by refusing to wear a mask, take an injection, and hide in your home that you put others in danger.

And many human beings have believed this lie and now try to police their neighbors and coerce them into complying.

This is a very nefarious and coercive agenda pretending to be a virtuous one.

This is the method of those who are attempting to guilt and shame you into joining them in their paranoid reality.

This is a slave’s mindset. This is a prisoner’s psychology.

The idea that you cannot be free because you could hurt or kill others is a pathological one.
The idea that you must comply with a lie and sacrifice your own health and sovereignty because your freedom and health puts others at risk is insane.

This narrative has been pushed upon humanity by those who wish to take advantage of the fact that most people want to be good people and want to be kind.
So they tell you that in order to be kind and good you must give up your rights and freedoms and allow yourself to be enslaved.
But it is OK because it is “to protect others”.

This control through fear and the threat of existing outside the herd is nothing new.
Humanity has long been conditioned into existing in a constant state of fear so that they could be suppressed and controlled for centuries.

The events of 2020 & 2021 and the governmental response is just the latest of many manufactured crises designed to create fear which allows the manipulation and control of humanity.

A person who is truly free and responsible cannot be controlled or confined.

Those who choose freedom and exist as an example of life outside the narrow confines of the safe, known, accepted reality are seen as a threat by those existing within the low-frequency consciousness of fear and obedience to perceived authority.

It is not selfish to break out of the cage, to escape the prison.
It is not callous to refuse to bow to false authority and to refuse to prop up the delusions of your fellow human beings.
It is not inconsiderate to refuse to wear a diaper on your face that does nothing to protect others but is merely a symbol of fear and obedience.
It is not wrong to refuse an experimental injection that does not prevent one from contracting the virus anyway.

In fact, it is the most compassionate thing you can do for those still asleep to show them that they do not need to be afraid, they do not need to comply with violent authoritarians.

The best service you can give to others is to show them that they can be free right now. In an unfree and insane world, you can be so totally free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.
That your very presence is an awakening fire.

Be an inspiration and show others that life is possible outside of their safe, little cage.
Show them that there is nothing to fear but fear itself – and that there are forces in our world who would use fear and the threat of violence to control humanity.

Help them see they have been lied to and betrayed by those they trust in positions of authority, but that they need not comply.

Show them that dangerous freedom is the only way to live.
And that once they break out of the cage, they will discover an invulnerability and immortality that the frightened prisoners can never know.

What do you think?

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