Choosing Dangerous Freedom Instead of Peaceful Slavery

Freedom is not really dangerous.
It is only dangerous to those clinging to a false sense of security.

And it is dangerous to those who profit off of keeping people afraid and therefore enslaved.

Be an inspiration and show others that life is possible outside of their safe, little cage.

Show them that dangerous freedom is the only way to live.
And that once they break out of the cage, they will discover an invulnerability and immortality that the frightened prisoners can never know. … More Choosing Dangerous Freedom Instead of Peaceful Slavery

All Lack is Illusion: Infinite Abundance and Unconditional Love is Truth

One of the most central issues at the core of humanity’s problems is this idea of lack.
The belief in lack and so the creation of the experience of lack.

And it is this belief in lack and this perception of lack that creates all the greed, fear, and struggle in the world.

For the human being feels like they are missing what they need.

They feel deep within that they are unloved, unworthy, unfree, and unsupported.

They feel a hole within themselves and do not know how to fill it.

The truth is that lack is an illusion.
Lack is a lie, a falsity.

There is nothing missing, nothing left out, nothing separate or lost.

There is no lack of anything anywhere.

The universe is infinitely abundant.
And the human being, as a child of God, is infinite abundance itself.
More All Lack is Illusion: Infinite Abundance and Unconditional Love is Truth


Life is relationship
To relate is to discover how to be, how to be with another.
It is to discover what is different, and what is the same between you and all else.
It is to orient oneself in relation to other selves and other beings and other living consciousnesses.

We must all come to a reckoning with our relationship to ourselves, to others, to the world and cosmos, and to God/Life/Existence.   … More Relationship

The Waste Land

The Waste Land is the dry, infertile land. The world devoid of beauty and nourishment.

The Waste Land is not physical, geographical, it is not either psychological. Rather it is existential.

It is a hankering, chronic dis-ease and dissatisfaction. An untraceable lack, void, and wound in the soul of man. … More The Waste Land

The Two Forces: Good and Evil, Darkness and Light

The mythological fight between good and evil, darkness and light, is metaphorical but very real. It is played out again and again in our myths, our stories, our movies, and in our lives….

It is an eternal cosmic drama because it is they very fundamental way that the existence flows: as a dance between the two forces of order and chaos, light and dark, good and evil. … More The Two Forces: Good and Evil, Darkness and Light