I Will Not Be Masked

I will not be masked
I will not be silenced
I will not be confined
I will not be muzzled

I will not hide my face
I will not mask my smile
I will not conceal my Self
I will not suppress my truth

I will not live in fear
I shall not be made to doubt the knowing of my soul

I will not be contained, confined, and quarantined

I will not be censored, I will not be suppressed
I will not be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist

I will not wear a mask
I will not have my life’s breath stifled by a piece of cloth
I will have nothing separating me from that which gives me life
I will open my mouth wide and breathe in the intoxicating oxygen, the substance of life itself

I will not be told that by refusing to be masked I am harming others
For living masked would be the greatest harm, and to live nakedly the greatest gift I could possibly give to the world
To hide my face, to silence my voice, to cower indoors
This is tyranny disguised as politeness
And I am wild, mad, and untamable

I will close my ears to the voices of authority that insist I must live in fear. and I will go out in nature
The Spring is beautiful
and I desire to walk beneath the sun on the earth amongst my brothers and sisters
Without fear, without control
I will not be afraid to touch those I love
And to walk hand-in-hand upon the Earth

I take my health in my own hands, I am responsible for my own state of well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually
I need no outside authority to tell me what is good for my health

I will not clamor for a vaccine to protect me from some manufactured threat
I am far stronger than any virus whether it be natural or manufactured
I have the immunity of love and joy and laughter
I have the health and the wisdom of life within me

Life itself, nature itself, can never harm me
If it does, I trust that it has done what is best
I put my trust in my self, in life, in the Creator of All That Is

I will not live in fear of life
If it is my destiny to get the virus and die
Then I will gladly live that fate
But I will not live in fear
For to live in fear is to be dead while living

I will not be controlled by government and media propaganda
I refuse the programming
I walk away from the spells cast by the robotic repeaters on TV
I will not be dependent on the dribbles of false and skewed information that is forced upon me by a media that exists to distort and conceal fact and truth

I will not participate in this ritualistic initiation into a dystopian world
Where we plead for totalitarian control to protect us from a manufactured and imagined enemy

I do not mind, in fact I embrace, living for weeks in retreat and aloneness
I voluntarily go into isolation of a time to return to that silence and truth within
But I will not be told by another to remain confined

You who have controlled and manipulated humanity for centuries
You who have controlled through limitation of perception and through fear
I see through your agendas
I know who you are
I will not play your game
I do not accept your reality

The invisible tyrants of the earth shall be brought down
and a new world and a new reality is being made

I do not fear death
I do not fear ridicule
I do not fear being ostracized
I stand for truth, for what is right, even if I stand alone
But I know that I do not

I am infinite
I am eternal
I am sovereign
I am free
I am myself
I am awake

I shall not be muzzled
I will not be masked
I shall be confined nevermore
I am the heart and the soul of humanity
I am the human spirit and I shall not be contained
I am millions now, and more awakening every day

You thought this virus would be the end
I promise you
It is just the beginning



3 thoughts on “I Will Not Be Masked

  1. Wearing my mask is what I consider service to others. It makes them feel safer and cared for. It’s an act of compassion to wear a mask in a world where many believe that they might die from someone else’s carelessness.

    I do not wear a mask because I am afraid. I don’t wear my mask because of the fear that I might get the virus. After all, masks aren’t very effective at keeping one’s self from getting sick, they are MOST effective at preventing others from getting sick.

    What you fail to realize is that wearing a mask is an act of love toward all those who are still in the dark. It’s an easy thing to do that requires no real effort, and it makes others feel safe, cared for, and protected. It’s not our job to wake them up by not wearing our masks and coming off as selfish, egotistical brats. You’re pushing a message of love and caring about others and yet you seem to be stuck on the service to self path based on this post.

    I hope you’ve learned that lesson since posting this. You seem very bright based on your other articles. This one was very disappointing though.

    1. Thank you for your comment Henry. I appreciate that you didn’t react emotionally, but were respectful and gave good reasons for why you feel the way you do.
      I respect your decision to wear the mask for others as an act of compassion. However, personally, I don’t feel that reinforcing others’ fears and illusions is the most compassionate service I can offer. Is not the most compassionate service you can offer for another to give them the opportunity to know the truth and to be free, rather than making them feel safe and protected in an illusion?

      I haven’t seen any clear scientific evidence that shows that masks work at all – other than to act as a placebo and make people feel safe while restricting their breathing and therefore immune system.
      I also have serious doubts about the “Germ Theory” of disease that modern science ascribes to, and feel the truth of how diseases manifest has much more to do with one’s state of being – vibration, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, etc. This is a metaphysical understanding of existence operates on the level of consciousness and energy first and only then manifests in the physical reality. I understand that most human beings aren’t taught the truth about how we create our own reality and so still believe that random things in the external environment have the power to victimize them without their choice.
      (Even Louis Pasteur himself came to doubt the germ theory of disease in favor of the Terrain Theory)_

      I actually have worn a mask a few times for a short period of time when I was with others for whom it was very important that I wore it. I did this out of respect for them and because I knew that restricting my ability to breathe for a short time only would not adversely affect my health. I have used those times to reflect upon my own ego and why I am so deeply and on a gut-level against mask wearing. I am not an absolutist, and can wear a mask in certain situations if it is important to others.

      Note also how it has almost been a year since this “pandemic” began. Businesses are still shut down, people are still forcibly locked in their homes, and the wealth and power continues to be funneled towards those in power in our world. These so called “experts” and “authorities” such as the quacking duck Fauci are saying we need to double and triple mask and we may have to wear masks for years to come.

      To me, it is obvious that this isn’t about a virus with a 99%+ survival rate for those under 70 years old. This is about fear, control, and other anti-human agendas. Not wearing a mask is something many people do to refuse to acquiesce to tyranny.
      When does it end? It ends when people stop believing in external authority and giving their power away. It ends when people take responsibility for themselves and for creating their own state of health through diet, sleep, getting sunlight, being emotionally healthy, etc.

      I guess one’s stance on this issue depends on whether they believe this virus to really be dangerous or not. Everything depends on a person’s perspective.
      You say that I have disappointed you with my stance. But that cannot be, I cannot disappoint you, only you can dis-appoint yourself.
      Some people think my perspective is selfish and dangerous. Some people think my perspective is loving and positive because it promotes what they see as truth.
      Which perspective is the correct perspective? That is for you to decide. For that is your right as a sovereign being. And as you believe, so you perceive and experience your reality.
      After careful investigation and reflection, using both my head and heart – I have made my choice.
      With respect,
      – Seth

  2. You call this poetry or prose? It is merely an arrogant self-centered rant/propaganda disguised in the cloak of an art form which is quite simply bullshit.

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