I Will Not Be Masked

I will not be masked
I will not be silenced
I will not be confined
I will not be muzzled

I will not hide my face
I will not mask my smile
I will not conceal my Self
I will not suppress my truth

I will not live in fear
I shall not be made to doubt the knowing of my soul

I will not be contained, confined, and quarantined

I will not be censored, I will not be suppressed
I will not be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist

I will not wear a mask
I will not have my life’s breath stifled by a piece of cloth
I will have nothing separating me from that which gives me life
I will open my mouth wide and breathe in the intoxicating oxygen, the substance of life itself

I will not be told that by refusing to be masked I am harming others
For living masked would be the greatest harm, and to live nakedly the greatest gift I could possibly give to the world
To hide my face, to silence my voice, to cower indoors
This is tyranny disguised as politeness
And I am wild, mad, and untamable

I will close my ears to the voices of authority that insist I must live in fear. and I will go out in nature
The Spring is beautiful
and I desire to walk beneath the sun on the earth amongst my brothers and sisters
Without fear, without control
I will not be afraid to touch those I love
And to walk hand-in-hand upon the Earth

I take my health in my own hands, I am responsible for my own state of well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually
I need no outside authority to tell me what is good for my health

I will not clamor for a vaccine to protect me from some manufactured threat
I am far stronger than any virus whether it be natural or manufactured
I have the immunity of love and joy and laughter
I have the health and the wisdom of life within me

Life itself, nature itself, can never harm me
If it does, I trust that it has done what is best
I put my trust in my self, in life, in the Creator of All That Is

I will not live in fear of life
If it is my destiny to get the virus and die
Then I will gladly live that fate
But I will not live in fear
For to live in fear is to be dead while living

I will not be controlled by government and media propaganda
I refuse the programming
I walk away from the spells cast by the robotic repeaters on TV
I will not be dependent on the dribbles of false and skewed information that is forced upon me by a media that exists to distort and conceal fact and truth

I will not participate in this ritualistic initiation into a dystopian world
Where we plead for totalitarian control to protect us from a manufactured and imagined enemy

I do not mind, in fact I embrace, living for weeks in retreat and aloneness
I voluntarily go into isolation of a time to return to that silence and truth within
But I will not be told by another to remain confined

You who have controlled and manipulated humanity for centuries
You who have controlled through limitation of perception and through fear
I see through your agendas
I know who you are
I will not play your game
I do not accept your reality

The invisible tyrants of the earth shall be brought down
and a new world and a new reality is being made

I do not fear death
I do not fear ridicule
I do not fear being ostracized
I stand for truth, for what is right, even if I stand alone
But I know that I do not

I am infinite
I am eternal
I am sovereign
I am free
I am myself
I am awake

I shall not be muzzled
I will not be masked
I shall be confined nevermore
I am the heart and the soul of humanity
I am the human spirit and I shall not be contained
I am millions now, and more awakening every day

You thought this virus would be the end
I promise you
It is just the beginning



One thought on “I Will Not Be Masked

  1. You call this poetry or prose? It is merely an arrogant self-centered rant/propaganda disguised in the cloak of an art form which is quite simply bullshit.

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