The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is known as:
“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

However, the way the Golden Rule actually works in practice in our world is:
“You will treat others the way you are willing treat yourself”

And so many in our world treat others poorly because they treat themselves that way.
They hate themselves, they lie to themselves, they abuse themselves, the criticize themselves…

Is it any wonder then, that we treat others in the same way?

This is why so many act unkind towards others, because they act the same way towards themselves
And the deeper truth is that you are the other and the other is you.

If we learn to know our self and be our self,
To love our self and respect our self,
Then we will also naturally and simply treat others with love, compassion, and respect.

Then, the Golden Rule will not need to be written down or memorized.
It will not need to be written in books of morals.
It will be engraved invisibly upon your soul and it will be a natural and spontaneous expression of your unconditional love, acceptance, and respect for yourself, all of creation, and all other mirrors of yourself that you call “others”.

“Others” who are actually you from a different perspective.

Rather than following some external rule,
You, yourself shall be golden.


What do you think?

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