Waiting to Lose the Weight

The Waitlessness of Eternity

Mass is energy.
And the mass that we accumulate on our bodies is accumulated energy that has not been acted upon.
Mass is stagnant energy. Energy at a low vibration.

In physics terms, It becomes potential energy rather than kinetic.
Potential rather than actual.
Our latent potential weighs us down if it is not used.
That energetic potential which is meant to be our liberation, instead becomes our bondage.

Weighing us down in the waiting state of materiality and limitation.

When we wait to be who we are, wait to act on our passion we do not circulate our very energy and so it has to build up as fat on our bodies, as stagnant energy.

When we live our excitement and act on our passions, our energy is transformed and used in the living of our joy.

Stop waiting and the weight will be used to fuel your excitement, fuel your joy, fuel your creative expression.

When you are engaged in creativity, you neither have the urge nor the need to eat – for you are being nourished by a higher energy source.


Just as mass is energy, so emotions are also merely energy.
They are literally energy in motion.
This energy in motion can also become stuck and locked within our physical form.

Weight accumulates due to unprocessed emotions which caused us to consume external food for substance for the love that we do not feel we are receiving.

We eat, futilely searching for the emotional textures of love and life in our salty and sweet treats.
And this is a ravenous and deep hunger that is not of the body, but of the soul.

We put on this mass as a buffer and a shield against the world.

And so many are carrying around baggage that does not belong to them. Baggage of beliefs that are not true, the luggage of negative emotions, and the black holes of their fears.

We feel the pressure from the accumulated beliefs of our parents, our teachers, and our society weighing down upon us.
Beliefs that insult our soul and imprison our heart.

When you begin acting on your passion and circulate your energy, you unlock more and more energy, more and more fuel for your fire

In an alchemical transmutation, that which held you back is burnt up in the fires of your awakening.


Matter and energy are One
Light slowed down is frozen in matter
Matter accelerated towards infinity turns into pure light.

Limitation is transformed into freedom
Darkness into illumination
Mass into light
The energy of fear into energy of love

Whether you struggle with your physical weight or not, many humans are waiting around to be their true self.
They are dreaming of living instead of living their dream.

We have created this physical matrix to incarnate into to experience this process of experiencing density and learning to transform it.

The Weight of Limiting Beliefs

Nearly all are struggling with the weight of false and limiting beliefs that have calcified into trapped emotional weights.
The beliefs that do not belong to you weigh more than a mountain upon your back
The beliefs that belong to you are lighter than a feather

It is not a question of the veracity of belief
For all beliefs may be true, or false, both and neither.

The question is what beliefs are true for you?
What beliefs enable you to be your true, natural self?

Stop Waiting, Drop the Weight

My friend,
You who are waiting,
Waiting for Godot, waiting for tomorrow, waiting for fulfillment.

Delay no longer the task of living.
And the weights of many lifetimes shall disappear from your body and your soul.

Do not delay,
Do not tarry.
Remain not a slave to your pain.
Use your divine energy to live your deepest joy.

The gravity of love shall reverse the gravity of fear
The weighting will disappear
And you shall know the waitlessness of eternity.


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