There is No Virus Greater Than Fear


The Coronation of Humanity

The only true virus is fear.
There is no external, biological virus more powerful than this mental disease.

Fear is the virus.
There is no other.

It is an infection that begins in the mind, manifests in the body, and festers in the soul.

It is the dis-ease that feeds on negativity.
A cancer that multiplies out of control.

Fear is far more contagious than any physical virus. It spreads not bacterially from coughs and sneezes, but as a meme sweeping through our collective consciousness, inflamed by media in many forms – the mass news media and social media.

It spreads from one individual to another, and is reinforced by voices of authority that preach fear.
The contamination of terror seeps into every aspect of our society and into our daily lives.

It replicates and spreads by beings addicted to drama, who are unconscious of the power of their belief, emotions, and thoughts.
We see excuses to indulge in drama and dread on our digital screens – despite the fact that outside our window the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Worry, anxiety, and panic grows and proliferates in a being who who does not keep the environment of their mind clean from beliefs that do not serve their health or flourishing.

We believe in fear and so we experience fear and a thousand reasons to do so.
For what you believe you perceive, and what you perceive reinforces your belief.

A virus needs a host, a being to carry it and allow it to perpetuate itself.
Fear is the virus and human ignorance is the host.

Magic Mirror, On The Wall…

This is not about the coronavirus
It’s never really been about a biological virus at all.
It’s about YOU.
It’s about your relationship to fear, and your relationship to yourself.
And it’s about US
Humanity’s relationship to fear and our relationships between ourselves as a collective.

Our world has been experiencing an epidemic of fear for thousands of years. And this is the cause of all the atrocities, all of the wars, all of the conflict in our world.
But we are now in times of transition where there is an opportunity to learn to move into a healthy relationship with fear.
To encounter it and see what may be behind it. That perhaps there is gold hidden within the darkness.

This virus, like all things in our reality-experience, acts as a mirror reflection.
It did not arise for no reason at all, but because humanity as a collective has many unconscious fears and unprocessed trauma about lack and death.
It arose as a response to our need to process and transcend these hidden fears.

The flu and the fever that an external virus brings acts as a catalyst for your body to raise its defenses and expel it.
Likewise, this situation offers us the chance to raise the vibrational temperature of our world, remove the miasma of fear, and attain a totally new state of health.

We can run away from this and bury our heads in the sand. Or we can courageously look into the heart of our deepest, darkest nightmares.

It is a mirror that you can use to see yourself, see your relationship with fear and the possibility of your own death.
And perhaps to realize there are worse things than dying. And that is living a life ruled by fear.

What is this virus situation reflecting to you?
We find out who we really are in times of perceived crisis.
How are you reacting in ways that don’t serve you?
How are you are choosing to not be your self?

Are you fearful for your safety? Do you feel the clenching within you of a fear of lack?

What do you put your trust in? Who do you put your trust in?
Is it places outside of you? Then it is misplaced.

Fear Brings You Exactly What You Do Not Desire

This biological virus is something to take necessary precautions against – but nothing is an excuse to live in fear.

It is no coincidence that many humans have very weak immune systems and are also highly fearful people.
Our immunity from illness and our immunity to living in fear are intimately linked.
All things, all thoughts, all emotions, all beliefs exist as energy and vibration. The vibration of fear is a very low vibration which creates an environment in which illness manifests.

Ironically, being fearful is the best way to contract a disease – wether it be physical or psychological.
For fear attracts unto you the very thing that you fear.
This is the physics of existence – that you attract both what you fear and desire.

There are no good excuses for succumbing to fear.
Fear does not help, it does not protect you.
It only closes the heart and paralyzes the mind.

For fear robs you of your life. You live a half-life, which is no life at all.
You may be walking, talking, and breathing – yet there is no life.

Most humans operate under the erroneous assumption that fear protects us from danger.
It does not.
When you see a poisonous snake you stay away, but you do not need to fear it.
And the fear is actually an impediment to you reaching safety.

Fear is an abstraction. It is not real.
It only exists in the future, never NOW.
We fear getting a virus in a non-existent future.
We fear dying in mind-projected tomorrow.

Instead of wearing a mask, take off the many masks you have been wearing your entire life and meet life unmasked.
Do not clamor for a physical vaccine, rather inoculate yourself by existing in a state of vibrant health, positivity, and love within which disease cannot exist.

Obtain a state of immunity where you realize that it doesn’t MATTER what happens, only with what you do with what happens.
And that all things can be made to serve you in being more and more of your true, natural, joyful self.

And if you were to contract a biological virus, this is a great gift that can reveal to you many things if you remain neutral and care to explore it for what it can teach you.

The Root of All Fear

The coronavirus has made fear mongers of us all.
Afraid to go outside and experience nature.
Terrified of other people, of touching them.
Frightened of living our lives and doing what brings us joy.

It is bringing up not just our fears, but our root fear, our primal terror. The fear that underlies all fear.
The fear of death itself.

We all are programmed by nature with a desire to survive and a fear of annihilation.
We all desire life and avoid death.
Yet it is our avoidance and fear of death that prevents the full experience and expression of life.

Our fear is the Trojan Horse that knocks on our gates and entices us to let it in because it tells us it will help us. But once it is brought into your consciousness it becomes the hidden enemy released in the dead of night.

Our hyper-materialistic society fears and desperately avoids death.
We have all been taught that death is the worst thing that could possibly happen.
And this leads to all sorts of neuroses. All manner of ways in which we contort ourselves to avoid looking at it, thinking about it, talking about it, and experiencing it.

Paradoxically, this is actually a very death-like way of “living”.

In our culture death is taboo, death and sex.
In reality life, sex, and death are one – they are inseparable.
Death has its own beauty, and only by passing through death can you come to be that which is deathless, eternal.

This message is not one of fear, but of the uselessness and falseness of it.
It says that fear is an invitation to discover more and more of your true self, and to transform your anxiety into excitement.

That fear is like an out-of-tune string on your guitar, and when you hear that sour string you should not throw away your instrument and run and hide.
Rather, that it is an opportunity to bring some aspect of yourself into tune so as to create more and more beautiful music.

Do You Wish to be a Victim or a Creator?

This is a message that affirms that nothing outside of you has any power over you unless you create it to have such.

We are all given the choice between living in victim consciousness or creator consciousness. Which ever you choose you will experience.

The Victim believes that outside circumstances happen to them and that they could be killed by a virus or some other accident without their consent.
The Creator knows that everything happens not to them, but from them and through them, and that all that happens in their experience they have invited in, accepted, and created on some level – even if it is not apparent to their conscious mind

It is your choice, whether this situation is used to tell yourself that you are disempowered and at the mercy of a scary, cruel world that exists outside of you that can snuff the light of your being out at any second.
Or whether you will you use this event as an opportunity to affirm and discover more of you sovereignty and self-empowerment.

A Sun Day Re-Birth

As today is Easter Sunday, it is the perfect time to roll the stone away from the dark cave of fear that you have imprisoned yourself in to protect yourself from death, and instead go out and meet the sun with trust in yourself and in the wisdom of life.

Take inspiration from he who conquered his fear and transmuted it into love, who had a compassion and forgiveness for even those who in their fearful ignorance would drive nails into his body.
This Christed consciousness is waiting to be born in you, and it is what our world is desperately longing for.

Some may say the world is ending.
In fact, it is just beginning.
We just needed a catalyst to wake us up from our long, deep slumber and reveal to us the preciousness of life.

Now is the time when mankind creates our own Coronation.
Where we become the Kings and Queens we were born to be.
Where we Ascend the Throne and expel fear from our Kingdom.
Where we establish the Rule of Love and Understanding on the Earth.

Instead of a crown of thorns, a crown of fear and dis-ease
We shall wear a Crown of Light

And meet a New Dawn for humanity!
One without the tyranny of fear.

Consider this message your shot of love,
Your universal inoculation.

For rather than fear,
Love is about to go viral.

Seth Balthazar is a philosopher-poet who is writing The Story of the New Earth. You can connect with him and join in the journey through the Great Mystery by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. bookmarking his website, signing up for the email-list, subscribing to the podcast and contributing to the cause on Patreon.

May the blessings and fruits of this Work be with You, the Earth, and all beings throughout all dimensions of existence.

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  1. I’ve been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

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