Visitors From Within

Extraterrestrials are not visitors from without, but from within.
Many look for them in the skies and the stars, when they are to be found in silence and the space within.

We call them “alien”, but they are no more alien than we are to ourselves.
And they will remain unknown until humanity grows to be able to accept and come into contact with the alienness within itself.

The true significance of human contact with extraterrestrial beings is not about them – it is about what they reflect and reveal about us.

They are mirrors, aspects of ourselves.
They are parallel, past, and future selves.
Brothers, sisters, cousins, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers.

The alien abduction phenomenon is drawing out of humanity our deepest darkest fears so that we can face and integrate them.
They come to us in that twilight zone, that dreamlike dimension beyond our conscious mind.
They come in the night and are so alien yet so familiar.
They offer the opportunity to face our deeply embedded fears of the “other”, the unknown.
They entice us to stretch the boundaries of our reality.

There are parts and aspects of ourselves that are closed from the rest of us.
Deep in our unconscious there are pieces of our own very self that we have ignored, hidden, denied, and locked away from our conscious mind.

Disclosure is the pulling back of the veils and removing of all the barriers between the different layers of our consciousness.
It is then that there is nowhere for anything to hide.

Many of these beings are more evolved than us, exist at a higher vibration of consciousness. And as such, their mere presence threatens to break down the walls we have created within our mind.

For the extraterrestrials do not truly come from without but are visitors from within. And their presence cannot be openly known and experienced while our very own selves exist in darkness.

We must turn ourselves inside-out and see that all is within us.
That all beings, all universes, all realities,
Exist within you, not you within them.

It is these primal fears of the unknown, of the “other” that extraterrestrials reflect to us. They invite you to open to the Great Mystery of an infinite, multidimensional existence full of life.

They are an invitation to discover more and more of the Unknown, which only ever contains more and more of our Self.

What do you think?

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