Evil Exists to Teach You of Love

Those who take on the role of being the villain, the adversary, those who are “evil” serve a great purpose in this free will game that we are playing here on Earth.

In this exploration of all possibility that All That Is is creating in the Earth Game, the presence of evil serves as a catalyst for the Hero to awaken to Truth.

Evil does not exist.
Evil is a useful illusion.
The dark ones are a Catalyst that we may use to discover the Truth of existence and who we truly are.

The Need for a Villain

Every great story requires a great villain.
You can not create and tell a great story without a delightfully dark and nefarious villain and his henchmen.

Without the villain, the hero would have no reason to leave home, to go on the great adventure, to grow and evolve and ultimately attain apotheosis.

In the villain the hero sees their own mirror image. They see who they could become if they succumb to selfishness, materialism, and fear.

The villain provides the opposition and is what inspires the hero to reach deep down within himself to discover the light.

What is Evil?

The true and essential definition of evil is that it is the taking away another being’s right to free will choice.

However, EVERYTHING you experience you have agreed to and created with your free will – whether that is known by your conscious mind or not.
No-one can murder you without your allowance, no-one can enslave you without your acceptance. This is a fundamental Law.

Therefore, evil is an illusion. For no one can really take away your free choice.
They can seem to do so, but it is always only us who creates our experience.

The illusion of our powerlessness and that others have the ability to harm us appears to be very real, but that is the nature of the game we have chosen to play.

Darkness & Light

Evil exists to mirror to you your own darkness and negativity, and to help you choose to love.

Creation contains it all.
The dark and the light.
Negativity and positivity.

Our experience in this physical world is about the contrast.
Light is defined by darkness, and darkness by light.

This is how humans with our dualistic nature often need to learn.
We come to know what we prefer by experiencing what we don’t prefer.
in order to learn to choose to be who we are, we create scenarios that show us what we are not.

The Sacrifice

The evil ones are compassionately playing the role of adversary in order to help us grow, in order to provide the catalyst.

We should thank them for their Sacrifice
For they are merely playing a role upon the stage of life
Paradoxically, the evil ones play their role out of great love.

Evil is The Catalyst

Evil is a tool that we may use to evolve. It is a device.
It does not really exist. It only is a temporary illusion here in physical reality.

It is an opportunity.
The choice is yours as to how you will respond to the challenge.

If you respond to hate with more hate, you only perpetuate it.
If you fight fire with fire – you only get more fire.
However, if you meet hate with love, evil with compassionate understanding,
You have used the catalyst to discover the depths of unconditional love

Evil Exists to Teach You of Love

Evil is one of the most powerful catalysts for the awakening out of separation and into Unity Consciousness.

The catalyst is to be used intelligently by one who looks deep into the illusion of evil to discover Truth.
If you do so, you will no longer fall under the illusion of the game, the illusion of separation, the illusion of evil.

You will know that all beings are source energy,
All beings are divine.

Evil exists to teach us the ultimate lesson.

That all is love
And Love is All

3 thoughts on “Evil Exists to Teach You of Love

  1. I’m haunted by an act of deliberate cruelty and humiliation committed against me years ago. At the time I took the high road, but I feel so hurt because I showed love to this person, even stood up for them at cost to myself. So the cruelty is incomprehensible. I understand the power of forgiveness, but my mind reels when thinking of the past and how so often I’ve been the target of random unprovoked cruelty. How do I release resentment and find peace within? I feel weak for not resorting to violence, but I know that is ego. I also realize that I have been cruel in the past and have tried to repay my karmic debt.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I can see that your desire for healing is genuine. It is hard to aid you and answer your question without knowing more context and being able to talk with you personally to explore the roots of this more deeply.
      However, you say “so often I’ve been the target of random unprovoked cruelty”, this is interesting to me and makes me wonder why someone would be repeatedly experience this. I would suggest that you look into what sort of emotional frequency you are broadcasting to the world that would attract this abuse into your life. There may be core beliefs, perhaps from childhood, that subconsciously say that you deserve that sort of treatment. As difficult as it may be to acknowledge, everything we experience is attracted/created in our lives by ourselves – others may agree to play the role of perpetrator but it is you who has created it to learn what you need to learn. Perhaps ask yourself “what has this experience taught me about myself?” Once you take complete ownership of what you have created in your life experience you are then free to let go of resentment and forgive, not just them, but also most importantly yourself.
      As far as releasing resentment and finding peace. I think of Jesus, who while being nailed to the cross was able to look upon the ones driving nails into his body with compassion and forgiveness. He was able to do this because he understood that only someone who was themselves deeply confused, afraid, and ignorant would be able to do such a thing. As he said “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”. The ones who hurt us are themselves deeply hurt or else they would never act in that way. Perhaps understanding this may allow us to forgive them and let go of the resentment, although I recognize that this is much easier said than done.

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