You Never Change THE World, You Change YOUR world

Many people are desperately trying to change the world, and this is understandable, for the world we experience is so far from the paradise it could be.
However, this effort to change the world will NEVER actually change the world and will only result in frustration for it is the result of a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of reality/existence itself.

The truth is that you never change THE world, you can only ever change YOUR world.
For you are the world, and the world is you.

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Contrary to what almost everyone believes, there is not just one world, one Earth. Existence is multidimensional. There are an INFINITE number of Earths. And on these worlds every possible scenario is being played out.

All realities already exist. On some Earths we have already destroyed our home with nuclear weapons, on others we long ago created a utopian paradise of universal abundance and brotherly love.

Every imaginable scenario is already a reality. This is because the very structure of existence itself contains an infinite number of parallel realities that all exist simultaneously. Every moment we are moving through billions of discrete parallel realities – this is what creates the illusion of time and change. Just as a movie is created out of many still frames of film passing in front of the light of the projector.

We are every moment shifting to versions of Earth that match our beliefs, thoughts, and actions – that match the state of consciousness we are choosing.

THIS Earth that you are experiencing is the perfect match of your own consciousness. It is reflecting to you all of the things that you need to learn in order to grow and evolve into more of your true self.


Those who are attempting to change THE world are like someone who is gazing into a mirror and is attempting to make the face in the mirror smile by pushing the mirror’s surface. This will never alter the source of the image itself – only by changing yourself and smiling will the reflection in the mirror show any change.

The external world is not truly external, it is a projection of your consciousness. When YOU change, the world changes. But even this is not correct. It is more correct to say that when YOU change, you shift to a different Earth which is commensurate with who you are creating yourself to be. The old Earth still exists, you just no longer experience it.

Great freedom and power comes with this realization about the nature of reality. You are no longer at the mercy of an external world that is so far from your ideal. You realize that the world is your mirror, and if the world is the way it is it is because you contain that same thing within yourself.

External activism, while well-meaning, is misplaced. Those who attempt to change the world would be better served by changing themselves.
And in fact, those who most desperately are attempting to change the external world are really attempting to distract themselves from the change required in themselves. By projecting the problems outwards upon the world they effectively sustain the illusion of the external world while remaining ignorant of the imperfections in themselves.

All those who rage and scream at politicians do not have the self-awareness to realize that this man or woman is only mirroring the things within themselves which they hate. They refuse to see it within themselves, so they see it within another. If they transformed themselves, they may find themselves in a world where these other people don’t exist. Or, they may come to peace with their own shadows and thank the politician for revealing that which they refused to see.

Rather than attempting to change the reflection in the mirror, use the reflection as a teaching tool which shows you the reality you are creating with your beliefs and thoughts.

And if you wish to experience a world radically different than the one you exist in now, then begin living as if you are in the world of your dreams. For you do not create the world of your dreams by trying to change the external world but only by LIVING your truth no matter what the outer reflection appears to be.

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You cannot wait for the external reality to change before you allow yourself to be who you wish to be. YOU are the catalyst and the creator of your reality-experience. It follows you, you do not follow it.

Do the things that you would do in your ideal world, act towards others as you deeply desire to, create the life you wish you could live if only the world were different than it is. This, and only this, will shift you to an already existing Earth that matches the vibrational frequency that you are creating yourself to be.

You never change THE world, you can only change YOUR world.

Change yourself, and you shift to a totally New Earth.

So do not worry about the future, do not concern yourself with what will happen. Do not TRY to change others or change the world. Do not worry about a possible future where the Earth is destroyed. 

KNOW the state of being you prefer to experience and KNOW that you will experience a future Earth which matches the you that you prefer to be and will contain all the versions of the people who are passionate about co-creating this New Earth with you.

It is this perfect knowing and perfect trust in your self – no matter what the external reflection seems to be – that will allow the external reality to become your living dream.

Be who you wish to be.
Live in the world you wish to live in.
And you will find yourself living that reality, and no other.

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