Natural Rights & Objective Morality in Light of COVID-19

What has been happening in 2020 and 2021 worldwide as a result of the COVID-19 “pandemic” shows the utmost importance of human beings learning Objective Morality and Natural Law.

Recent events clearly show the necessity of learning the difference between Objective Right & Wrong so as to not allow one’s rights and freedoms to be taken from you by a tyrannical government. A false control system which uses an artificially created public health “crisis” to put the population into fear so that they will willingly give up their sovereignty.

What we are seeing playing out in the world is a population where a majority of the people don’t understand these fundamental understandings that every human being should be taught as a child.
Because so many human beings are ignorant of basic, foundational morality and Natural Law – even so-called “good people” are carrying out or supporting violent and authoritarian vaccine laws, mask mandates, internet censorship, and all around violence against their fellow human beings.

What is happening in Australia right now should be a wakeup call for the rest of the world. In the below video a woman is arrested while with her child for peacefully protesting Australia’s draconian lockdowns.

Our illegitimate governments and scientific/medical institutions are being allowed to take unprecedented steps to remove human rights and freedoms.

These taken away freedoms and rights may never be given back, and a significant percentage of the population not only allows this, but supports it and even cheers it on – not realizing that they are participating in their own enslavement.

Government Laws and Mandates Cannot Usurp Our Natural Rights and Freedoms

These recent events are revealing how many human beings believe their governments and medical agencies have the right and the authority to decree laws and they believe that everyone must follow them.

Why do they believe this?
Well, because government says so. And these people are believers in the religion of government and its authority.

This is due to an underlying unquestioned belief in the legitimacy of government, a statist ideology that is simply false.
Too many people still have the childish belief that they must obey authority because authority tells them they must.

No government or manmade entity has any right to make laws or mandates upon its people.
Just because these people have been elected by the people(although many of them are actually (s)elected through various forms of fraud), that does not mean they have the right to control your life and create mandates that violate every Human Being’s natural right to make their own choices about their body and their life.

Every Response to the “Pandemic” Has Been Violent, Authoritarian, and Objectively Wrong

The way that people are being forced, bullied, coerced, guilted into taking an experiment, untested, unneeded injection into their bodies is morally wrong.
It is a violation of a being’s Natural Rights.

This is unequivocal.
There are no excuses.
There can be no debate.

You cannot use the excuse that we are in a “deadly pandemic” – because even if we were(objectively we are not), it still would not make this use of force and violence right.

No amount of justification makes violence and blocking another’s free will choice ever right or moral.

It doesn’t even matter about the truth of whether COVID-19 is dangerous or not, whether vaccines are dangerous or not, whether masks work or not, or whether lockdowns work or not.

Whether these things are true or not – the way governments have forced and coerced people into obedience and compliance is simply wrong.

Collectivist Ideology Destroys Individual Liberty & Is Objectively Wrong

You cannot use the excuse that it is “for the greater good”, to “protect others”, or to “save lives” and therefore the moral and right thing to do.

First of all, vaccines, masks, and forced lockdowns have not been proven protect others.
One can look at the various data from the hundreds of countries around the world and see all kinds of examples of countries who are not vaccinated, have not locked down, have not worn masks, and have utilized safe and proven medicines such as Ivermectin and Hydrochloroquine and COVID has hardly effected their people.

If someone is afraid of this virus, then they can choose to hide in their home for years. They can choose to wear a mask or two or three, they can choose to inject themselves with an ongoing series of vaccines and boosters – but they have absolutely no right or justification in forcing others to do the same.

There is no moral justification for violently controlling others “for the greater good”. Because you think you know what is best for them. Or because you think other people have an obligation to buy into your pathological fear.

This is the mindset of the violent authoritarian and of tyrannical regimes throughout history.
This is the justification for a collectivist marxist/communist ideology that destroys individual liberty for the sake of the group – this is an objectively false and evil ideology that always leads to tyranny and suffering.

Elderly Australian woman is knocked to the ground and pepper-sprayed by the police for the crime of protesting forced lockdowns.

Individual Freewill Choice & Responsibility

Individuals must take responsibility for their own state of health and their own choices.

Those who want to force others to be masked, vaccinated, and locked down to protect their own self are not just ignorant of what health is and how illness manifests – they are morally in the wrong for attempting to control others.

The idea that an otherwise healthy person gets a coronavirus and dies from it is false. Those who are dying from this virus have already allowed their health to deteriorate due to their own poor health choices – through their poor diet, lack of exercise, choice to live in fear and stress, etc.

Statistics show that 50-75% of people who are hospitalized due to COVID are overweight or obese. The other large percentage is those who are elderly and those who have multiple co-morbities.

The idea that healthy people must be forcibly locked in their homes and submit to an experimental injection for a virus with a 99.99% survival rate is absurd.

Even if the virus was truly dangerous and killed half of the people who contracted it. Even then, it must be the individuals choice whether to put themselves at risk. And those who choose to can quarantine themselves until they feel safe.

You Have The Right To Refuse & Defend Yourself Against Violence

The vaccines, the mask laws, the lockdowns, the censoring on social media, the way police in countries like Australia are violently tyrannizing their citizens – these are all morally wrong.

Individuals therefore have the right to use force to defend themselves if necessary.
You have the right to use physical force to subdue a police officer who is attempting to violently arrest you for not wearing a mask.

This would be the right, moral, and just thing to do.

Police and other government thugs would use the excuse that they are “just doing their job” and “just following orders”. This is no excuse and does not remove their moral culpability for reaping the results of their actions.

If your orders and your job require you to violently trample the rights of others, then you have a moral duty to refuse.

The politicians, doctors, nurses, police, scientists, and all others who have allowed themselves to support and carry out a violent, coercive agenda are all due to pay a heavy karmic price for what they have done and are doing.

A very dangerous man sitting alone maskless at the beach.

Adherence to Natural Law and Morality is a Prerequisite to Building A New Earth

The foundations of a New Earth must be rooted in a clear understanding of these First Principles – of Natural Law, Objective Morality, Non-violence, etc.

This is the very foundation of a Free, Moral, and prosperous civilization.

The events of 2020 and 2021 are revealing and reflecting to every single person in our world just how much our systems and institutions are out of alignment with Natural Law and Morality.

Recent events clearly show us that we have been living within a violent, authoritarian, draconian(literally) system for centuries and even millennia.

The opportunity is being presented for human beings to learn what is moral and right by being shown the wrongs, immorality, and evil in those they have thought to be their leaders and also in their very friends, family, and neighbors.

Any form of violence, coercion, and restriction of the free will choice of another is objectively wrong – no matter how you try to justify it as being to save lives or for the safety of others.

May we learn our lessons within this schoolroom of Earth and become truly moral and free beings.

What do you think?

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