Natural, Divine Rights & The Importance of Knowing Right From Wrong

Knowing What is Right Is Required for Morality & Freedom

Our world is in such chaos, confusion, and is so full of immorality because very few people know what is Right and True.
Very few people have ever learned or been taught to understand the foundational basis of morality and right action.

If you do not KNOW what is Right, you cannot act morally.
Therefore it is very important to know and understand Natural Law and Objective Morality.

If you are not aligned with Natural Law, if you do not know Objective Morality – then you cannot be free.
It is only the individual who lives a moral and harmonious life who knows true liberty.

For one who lives out of alignment and disharmoniously is always receiving the return and reflection of their own immoral and false actions.

True freedom requires both morality and responsibility.
To be truly free, you must be aligned with the natural flow of existence.

This image and the others below are from Mark Passio, one of the few people teaching Natural Law today.


What is a right?
A right is a behavior that does not cause harm to other sentient beings.
A wrong is a behavior that causes harm to other sentient beings.

Therefore, rights are any action that does not initiate harm towards other sentient beings.

Rights and Right

Rights are those freedoms and the innate inheritance that we are endowed with from The Creator, from existence itself.

Really, it is only one right that bestows all other rights:
The right of absolute free will choice as long as it does not harm, commit violence towards or take away the free will of another.

Right is that action that is aligned with Truth, Objective Morality, and Natural Law.It is an action that serves to extend the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.

Our Divine Right

As long as you do not interfere with the free will of another being, as long as you are not initiating violence – you have a right to do whatever you wish to do.

As a sentient being – you are innately endowed with creatorhood, with agency, with the right to do whatever you want – as long as it does not interfere with the free will choice of another.

The maxim is: “Do what thou will”.
As long as it does no harm.

The Two Paths

There are only two paths one can take.

You can either align yourself with the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.
Or you align yourself the evil, the ugly, and the false.

There is no middle ground.
There is no moral relativism – the idea that morality is subjective and changes based on the circumstances.

If you are not Right,
If you are not aligned with universal Law and Truth,
Then you are wrong.

Right is that which is moral, divine, good, loving, giving, beautiful, just, and ethical

Wrong is that which is immoral, anti-divine, evil, violent, theft, ugly, unjust, and unethical

Rights Come From The Divine

Our Rights do not come from governments, from human-created institutions.
Our Rights come from Existence, from Life, From God.
They are divine.

No government or man-made authority can take away our rights or create new rights.

It doesn’t matter what political rituals are done. 
It doesn’t matter if there is some authoritative-appearing collective vote.
It doesn’t matter what is printed on a piece of paper and given signatures and stamps of approval.
It doesn’t matter if there is some perceived crisis such as a virus where you are told that your rights must be suspended “for the greater good”.

Any institution or individual that seeks to usurp the rights of the individual is an entity that is anti-human and anti-divine.
These are the actions of an institution that is violent, suppressive, and does not exist to protect human liberty. It is an individual or institution serving an evil agenda – whether they realize this or not.

Human Laws Are Only Rules

Our Divine Rights are eternal and immutable.
And all human-made laws are not Laws, but only rules.

When these governmental decreed rules violate our Natural Rights(and they often do), you have not only permission to violate them – you have a duty to do so.

You may be arrested, thrown in jail, taken to court, and sentenced to fines and imprisonment.
But if you are acting in alignment with Objective Morality and Natural Law – it is they who are in the wrong.
It is they who will face Divine Judgement.

You will reap what you have sown, and they will reap what they have sown.

Divine Law always precedes man-made laws.

Violation of Another’s Rights

If you are interfering with the free will choice of another, if you are initiating violence against them, then you do not have a right to do what you are doing.

This other person has a right to use force to defend themselves. And others have the right to intervene to help protect the person being aggressed against

By violating another’s rights, you have violated objective morality and natural law – you will suffer the consequences of being out of alignment with existence.

Even if you do something in secret and seem to “get away with it” without anyone else noticing – your actions will return to you in some way.

There is no escape from Divine Justice, from Karma, from reaping what you have sown.
For it is a law of existence that “what you put out is what you get back.”

All Immorality is Theft, Violence, & A Violation of Free Will

All immoral behavior is a violation of Free Will.
You could call it either theft or violence.

Theft of another’s free will.
Theft of another’s property.
Theft of another’s privacy.
Theft of another’s life.

All immorality, all evil is attempting to violate or take away another’s free will choice.
It is that simple.

Ultimately, all moral behavior comes down to:
Do not commit any theft or violence against any other being.

Do not steal.
Do not take away or block another’s free will.
Do not harm another through any form of violence.

And as long as it harms none, do what you will.

Right and Wrong Is Simple & Apparent

Objective Right and Objective Wrong is not arcane, secret, occult, or hidden. 
It is not difficult to understand or to discover.
It is the most simple, natural, and logical thing.

People naturally know what is right, what is true, what is moral.
We have an innate knowing of what is right and what is wrong.

And you can sit down and clear your mind and reason from First Principles and discover for yourself these immutable truths about Free Will, violence, theft, Right, Wrong, Natural Law, and Objective Morality.

Our Insane Society Teaches Ignorance

The problem is that from a very young age, people in our world are not taught these simple moral truths.
They are not taught about Right Action.

They are conditioned and indoctrinated into a culture of ignorance.
Instead, they are taught moral relativism.

They are taught a materialistic worldview where there is nothing sacred, nothing divine, nothing eternal in nature or life – there is nothing that determines right from wrong.

You can not act rightly when you do not even know what is right. Or worse yet, when you do not believe that there is anything such as Objective Truth and Morality.

Many children are not guided to live in harmony with nature and understand its processes and laws.
There is no environment cultivated wherein the child can discover for themselves and learn what is True, what is Right, what is Real.

Our entire society, our corrupt control system of government, media, and the rest of our mainstream institutions confuses people and pushes radical ideologies that turns morality on its head and makes violence, greed, and ego selfishness seem like virtue.

It is an evil ideology – it twists the truth so that people cannot come to know what truth is, what morality is.

Therefore people can never be truly awake or free.
Thus the moral relativism and ignorance of our modern society is designed to keep people enslaved – enslaved to their ignorance, to their governments, and to their own false actions.

Establishing Morality, & Therefore Freedom, in an Immoral and Unfree World

If we look at our governments and wonder why they are so immoral and violent – we have only to look at ourselves to realize that they are so because we are violent and immoral.

Therefore, the task of the individual who wishes to align themselves with the natural order of the universe is to discover for themselves and obtain the knowledge of Natural Law and Universal Morality.
To know for themselves the difference between objective right and wrong.

And to then live their life in a way that they do not commit violence against another, they do not commit theft against another, and they do not violate the free will choice of any other being.

A society operating from this level of consciousness and alignment is then a non-violent society, a society without lies and secrecy, a civilization without manipulation and coercion.
It would be a moral society that ensures the freedom of every individual within it.

It is only when a critical mass of people in our world come to know and abide by Natural Law that our governments, systems, and institutions will likewise come into harmony with the way of nature.

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