Visibilia ex Invisibilibus

Visibilia ex Invisibilibus

All that is visible is born from the invisible

We exist within a consciousness simulation, a hologram of light.
The source of this projection is One.

Consciousness is the seed of all form.
Spirit is the source of manifestation.
Emptiness is the essence of existence.

Sound comes from silence.
Movement comes from stillness.

Belief creates reality.

Beliefs, definitions, emotions, and thoughts are vitally important.
For they create your world.

Everything begins in mind, begins in thought, begins in belief, begins as an idea.
This is the blueprint.
And only after becomes manifested in the visible, physical, sensible world.

Everything that we see, touch, taste, feel, smell and experience in our reality has come from spirit, from consciousness.

So, do not try to modify the visible, the form, the external illusion.

Go to the source, go to the root.
Cultivate the invisible seed.

Otherwise you are lost in the illusion.

Visibilia ex Invisibilibus

From the invisible comes the visible.

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