All Lack is Illusion: Infinite Abundance and Unconditional Love is Truth

Lack turns us all into beggars.
Beggers greedily fighting for scraps in the dirt while unknowingly sitting upon a pot of gold.

One of the most central issues at the core of humanity’s problems is this idea of lack.
The belief in lack and so the creation of the experience of lack.
And it is this belief in lack and this perception of lack that creates all the greed, fear, and struggle in the world.

For the human being feels like they are missing what they need.
They feel deep within that they are unloved, unworthy, unfree, and unsupported.
They feel a hole within themselves and do not know how to fill it.


God did not create lack.
God created humans, and humans created lack.

On the Earth, human beings have created such an experience of lack and disconnection from our source.

It is the disconnection we believe in, perceive, and feel that creates this illusion of lack.

This lack and disconnection creates the belief that there is not enough for each individual to have what they need, and also what they want.

This is what is human beings have created on Earth.
And children, from a very young age, are conditioned into this mindset, this world where lack and separation are true.

And so there is this great problem of lack in our world. And we are all conditioned into this dense, limited state of consciousness where fighting over resources, fighting over money, fighting over attention, and fighting over love is “normal”.


This paradigm and mindset of lack pervades our entire culture and all our systems.

For instance, our monetary system itself is a lack system. It is a system founded upon scarcity.

It is a false system where an extremely small number of people can hoard all the wealth, control all the energy, and weird all the power while 99.99+ percent of the rest live in varying states of lack.

And this creates this tremendous greed, this competition, this fear of lack that leads to the thirsting after money
This is because we have equated money, success, and power with love. We have equated the gaining of this with our very survival itself.


The truth is that lack is an illusion.
Lack is a lie, a falsity.

There is nothing missing, nothing left out, nothing separate or lost.

There is no lack of anything anywhere.

The universe is infinitely abundant.
And the human being, as a child of God, is infinite abundance itself.


Lack is the erroneous perception that there’s not enough
That you’re not enough.
That something is missing.

Lack is the perception of being separated and without love, without sustenance.

This is never true, but the human being can use their infinite creative power to create the experience of lack and separation.
And as you create this through your belief, it becomes real for you.

We are so loved by All That Is, that we are even supported in our belief that we are not loved.
That is how infinitely creative and eternally loved we are.


Lack is the opposite of abundance.

Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.
That’s it.

Abundance is innate to existence.
It is the nature of existence and the nature of human beings to be infinitely abundant.

You always have what you need exactly when you need it.
You always have the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

If you don’t have something, it means you don’t need it.

If you are having an experience of not being able to do what you need to do when you need to do it,
Then either you don’t need to do that thing you think you must do
Or, you are actively pushing away abundance through beliefs, definitions, and perceptions of lack. In other words, you are creating that experience.


Lack is the opposite of love.
Love is the feeling the knowing the reality of one’s complete deservability, one’s complete connection with one’s source.
It is the complete validation of one’s existence.

When you are in lack, you feel guilty, you feel ashamed, and you feel like you do not deserve to exist.
You feel that you don’t deserve or have the ability to have or be or do what you desire.

Lack is a denial of love, a denial of God.
Lack is the illusion that thinks that love is not always ever-present

Lack comes from thinking, from the mind, from materialistic and mechanistic thinking.
For the heart knows the Truth of infinite loving abundance.

Everything is love.
Everything is made of unconditional love.


Lack and fear go together.

When one believes in the reality of lack, one lives in fear.
You fear because there’s never enough and worse, you are never enough.

You fear that you will not have enough or be enough.
You are always seeing threats from other beings who would take away what you have.
You are always seeking and searching for something that can sustain your survival.

You fear the loss of what you own.
You fear the loss of your status.
You fear the loss of your life.
Fear, Fear, Fear.

Fear is the predominant state of one living in separation and lack.


Lack does not exist, but the experience of lack, the belief in lack, the perception of lack; these all exist for human beings.

We are so unconditionally loved, so unconditionally abundant, so eternally sustained by God/existence that we are even supported in our false, limiting belief in the reality of lack.

And that’s the paradox of it – that’s how abundant we are. That’s how loved we are. That’s how full we are. That’s how connected we are.

That we can create this experience of disconnection and lack of love when this is absolutely impossible to be true.


To live in abundance, to live in love, to live in infinite sustainability, infinite support – one must trust in one’s deserve ability.

Trust that you always will have what you need when you need it.
Trust that you are unconditionally supported and held by the Supreme Creator.

Know the truth, that lack doesn’t exist.
That everything in existence, and everywhere in existence, is such infinite energy and potential.

As you live your life with integrity, purpose, power, and intention,
Trust that in following your joy, you will always be supported in any way that you need to be supported.


You have to take that first step in trust first.

Life can only reflect to you what you know, what you believe what you are.

So, if you act in this life without trusting in abundance, trusting in your infinite deserveability – then life can only reflect to you your half-hearted belief, your belief in lack.

It reflects this back to you so that you can learn, so that you can transform it.
So that you can learn the lessons and never have to repeat them again.

So, first you have to live in this state of absolute trust, absolute love, and knowing of your infinite creativity,
Tap into that infinite source of energy without fear, without greed, without hoarding.
And then your life will reflect that back to you.


You will be so overflowing love and abundance. You will want nothing else but to share it with others. It will be your great joy.

And the flow of abundance will be poured from cup to cup and passed around the world.
On and on, this overflowing love and abundance will be passed on until all see that there is no lack of existence, that every man and woman child’s cup can be overflowing, and still there is infinitely more of the waters of life to be shared.

And on that day, all lack will be gone from the Earth.
All lack will have been transmuted and transformed out of human consciousness.

And as a result of that, so also will violence, murder, rape, theft, and any violation of another’s natural rights.
Because people only commit these forms of violence and theft against another when they have fear-based beliefs in their own disempowerment, separation, and lack.
All these things are done by people who believe that there’s not enough, and they have to commit acts of violence to get what they need.

And what they really desire and deeply need, no matter if they think it is drugs or sex or money or power – what everyone is desperately seeking is Love/Home/God/Union.

All are seeking the Self.


Now you can see what a fundamental understanding lack is for the healing and transforming of the individual and therefore the collective.

Many want to be loving and lovable. But one cannot enter into love fully until one has completely done away with all beliefs in lack and separation within themselves.

So, I invite you to investigate within yourself where any trace belief in lack still exists.
Seek within yourself where lack has made a hole and a home in your heart

Do not be afraid to look at that lack, for it is not real, it is not true – it is something you have picked up along the way.
It is something that does not belong to you and never has.


I too have struggled with lack.
I too have believed in lack.
And so perceived lack.
And so experienced lack.
And so felt justified in my experience.

And I too am learning.
That unconditional love is the only truth.
And all else is an illusion.

You and existence (and you are existence) are infinitely abundant.
You are eternally loved, loving, and love itself.

Lack is a lie and an illusion that you have given reality through your belief in it and ignorance of your limitless support.

This is the truth of this lie that has never existed called lack.
And this truth can set you free.

What do you think?

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