Inner Guidance For These Times of Great Chaos, Confusion, and Transition

The Light has won.
And humanity is being freed from a long, dark tyranny.

Hold the line for a bit longer in these last days of darkness before a golden dawn.

All Is Well

Do not get invested in the drama playing out on the world stage
A divine unfolding is occurring and humanity is undergoing a great awakening.

The human collective is learning to take back its power from where they placed it outside of themselves a long time ago.

Everything that is occurring is happening precisely because the Old World and the Old Consciousness is crumbing and imploding because it can no longer sustain itself.

It may look bad right now. It may look like people are being forced into lockdowns, wearing masks, being vaccinated, losing their jobs, losing their friends and family – this is all a necessary part of shaking humanity awake and into a realization what exactly has been going on in this world.

This is all temporary. It is all a necessary part of the plot of the Great Story.
It is necessary to shake awake those who have been deeply hypnotized, brainwashed, and put to sleep by the programming of this world.

It will not be much longer before this whole corrupt agenda is completely and utterly exposed and falls.

The Purpose of the Coronavirus Event

The Coronavirus event has been a catalytic event serving many purposes.

It is revealing the incompetency, corruption, and criminal psychopathy of the “leaders”, organizations, structures, and systems in our world.

It is giving all of humanity an opportunity to encounter their root chakra, baseline fear of death and desire for security and evolve beyond it.

It is providing the necessary shock and disruption of our normal lives so that we can all make massive and fundamental changes on an individual and collective level.

It is serving to divide humanity and “separate the wheat from the chaff”. It is forcing people to separate and go in different directions depending on their state of consciousness.

The Coronavirus event has been a multidimensional event – serving many purposes, teaching many lessons, reflecting something different to every individual on Earth.
It is up to you to learn what its lessons are for you.

Victory of the Light

The Light has already won.
The Truth has already prevailed.

The dark ones, those who have controlled and suppressed humanity, are losing and have already lost.
This is quite clear now. They are hanging by the smallest thread to what is left of their old empire.

They could never have succeeded.
Evil and darkness always undoes itself in the end.
For nothing of their ideology or methods are true or harmonious with life itself.

The light has already won.
On an energetic level, victory for humanity was determined years or even decades ago.
It is just that now we are reaching critical mass within the human collective consciousness. We are almost at the point were humanity is aware enough and united enough to totally end all regressive, control and power-based agendas.

Our final victory is assured. We just have to play out the rest of the game, the rest of the story.

Humanity must learn the truth of it’s centuries of enslavement. The human collective must be shaken into realization so that we can evolve beyond this and so that it can never happen again.

Hold The Light & Hold The Line

All you need to do right now is hold the light and hold the line.

Hold the light within, and hold the line within your daily life.

Hold The Light

You don’t necessarily need to “do” anything right now.

Coming together in meditation and in united intention is thousands of times more powerful than falling into fear and trying to fight against things happening outside of you.

It is much more important that you be a beacon of peace, love, unity. That you add your coherent frequency of higher consciousness to a growing worldwide collective of individuals who are also transcending all the drama and holding a inner knowing and vision of a New Earth that is being given birth right now.

Hold the space for humanity to awaken and transform itself.
Hold the love in an environment encouraging blame and hate.
Hold to the Truth that is true always.
Hold the vision of humanity’s future beyond all this division, ignorance, and fear.

While the rest of humanity exists in a state of anxiety, distress, fear, anger, and division, we remain rooted in a deeper knowing.

Hold The Line

Hold the line in united peaceful non-compliance against all draconian mandates and restrictions of human rights and freedoms.

Hold the line.
Knowing that when half of humanity refuses to comply with a violent, tyrannical control system it has no power. Because it’s only power comes from its ability to put us into fear and division so that we will comply with its orders for fear of punishment.

Hold the line. Knowing that united we are more powerful than anything else.

Live Joyfully & Without Fear

Use this time to go within and prepare yourself for a New Earth.
Use this time to do simple things that you love.
Play music, dance, cook healthy meals, be in nature, laugh with your friends.

If you turn off your TV, your computer, and your cell phone and go within – you will know that all is well.
It is only by engaging with the mind, with thought, that you worry about what you are being told is happening in the world.
All the drama and fear that we see in our media and in the external world is temporary and will pass.

Know that we are shifting, transforming, and awakening into a New Earth.
Live in that New Earth now. Create joyfully now.
Create from a full and open heart.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

You do not need to wait for the storm to pass and for the world to change.
It is already changed. You can begin now creating new systems, new creations, new communities. As the old is swept away by the light of truth there will be a need for individuals holding a high frequency to provide the blueprints of a totally new society.

Nothing can stop Gaia from transitioning into a New Earth.
Nothing can stop humanity from awakening.
Nothing can stop the false and the corrupt from reaping what they have sown and dying by their own sword.
Nothing can stop the truth, the light, and the love from exploding in and on this planet and in human consciousness.

The light has won.

Start living your knowing that this is true.

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