Awakening to the Truth & Reality of Self is the End of All Illusion

All of humanity’s problems have at their root the same one thing.

You could call it ignorance.
Or you could call it misperception.
Or you could call it the ego.
Or you could call it identification with form.

This leads to:
The false belief in separation, and therefore perception and experience of separation.
The false belief in lack, and therefore the perception and experience of lack.

Separation and lack create the experience of:
Fear, desire, conflict, sorrow, hierarchy, violence, guilt, judgment, etc.

Which ultimately lead to:
Illness, disease, and death.

And the never-ending wheel of karma and samsara.
Repeating the same patterns, the same illusions and ignorances, again and again with no idea or hope of liberation.

The Collective Problems Are Rooted In The Individual

This root of all ignorance or misperception occurs in the individual.
And is then expressed outward by the individual.
And is therefore embedded into the collective.

For the collective is made up of individuals and has no existence of its own.

Groups of individuals then magnify and reflect each other’s illusions, and ignorances creating worldwide disharmony, conflict, and suffering.

All collective problems in the society are the outward manifestation of inward illness, ignorance, and conflict in the individual.

Racism, sexism, corruption, war, persecution, theft, inequality, violence, etc.
All come from this fundamental belief in the false, separate self that is then expressed in every thought, word, and deed of the one living in illusion.

This leads to many different forms of seeking happiness, love, and wholeness in all the wrong places.
It leads to individuals attempting to find happiness in the illusory external world.
To seeking wholeness, fulfillment, love in things outside the Self, outside their own being.

Those who are attempting to solve the problems of society at the level of the problem are doomed to fail.
Only going deeper to the source of the problem, and of all problems, will bring about transformation.

Inner Work & Self-Inquiry

The individual heals themselves, awakens themselves, becomes a light unto their own self through practicing the following:

+ “Knowing Thyself” through being aware of one’s own beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

+ Cleaning and polishing one’s heart through removing all blocks to forgiveness and love within.

+ Practicing self-inquiry to discover one’s true nature that exists beyond thought, mind, belief, form, time, and space.

Self-Realization Ends All Illusion

Having done The Work and realized Truth, this individual has then dissolved the illusory separate self of the ego and is free of all illusion, ignorance, and limitation.

They then create no problems and are a beacon of light in this world to other individuals to wake up and remember what is Real and what is True.

This is how the world is transformed.
This is the only way it has ever happened or will ever happen.

The only honest and authentic way to help and heal this world is to help and heal your self.
By awakening to the Truth that is the only Reality.
By allowing the ending of the ignorant, separate self and along with it the imagined drama of an illusory world.

By attaining realization of That Which Is.

Realization of the I AM.

Realization of Self.

What do you think?

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