Children of the Earth: Recognize the Lies and Arise!

Everybody knows that it’s only far-right, alt-right, Trump-supporting, Science™-denying, ignorant, racist, sexist, toxic masculine, insurrectionist, domestic terrorists, and Nazis who are ignorantly and selfishly refusing to comply with the experts and authorities, and so are dangerous and need to be silenced and punished.

Yet, worldwide protests show that it is all types of people from every region of the world who are standing up and refusing to comply with a tyranny attempting to be implemented under the lie of it being because of a “deadly pandemic” “to save lives” and “for the greater good”.

The authoritarian, totalitarian agenda is being increasingly resisted by a slow to awaken beast that is the human collective.

Unfortunately, it is only when people’s very lives and livelihoods are threatened that they find the will to change their world.

The entire media-political-medical-corporate-academic-financial establishment is united against the people of the Earth.

This institutional, mainstream establishment that has been proven time and time again to only care about profits, power, and control.
That has been proven again and again to be utterly without any credibility, to be corrupt, to be lying, to be anti-humane and anti-divine.

All the systems and institutions that are supposed to serve the people and foster human flourishing have been weaponized against the people of the world on behalf of a global nameless, faceless State with the illusion of authority.
All forms of media and governance are united in gaslighting the population, violently silencing dissent, hiding the truth, and deleting all opposition.

And the only thing that allows this to continue is human ignorance, self-disempowerment, cowardice, apathy, and irresponsibility.

We have all the power.

Their only power is the illusion of power.
Their only power is that we ascribe to them by allowing their threats, intimidation, fear, coercion, guilt, and shame.

My fellow human beings with minds, hearts, and souls that still hold Liberty and Truth as sacred.

Wake up!
SEE what is occurring – recognize the lies!
Get off your knees!
Take your power back!
Be brave and fight for your freedom and for your world!

Become sovereign, become your own inner authority.
And come together in non-violent, non-compliance.

It ends when we say it ends.

“Rise, like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many—they are few!”

What do you think?

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