The Truth of COVID-19 & The World Situation in 2021

This is what I see to be true about what is occurring in our world regarding COVID-19, masks, vaccines, the 2020 election, and other controversial topics.

We are in a crucial time in our world where a tyranny is being attempted to be implemented with the ignorant acceptance of a significant portion of the population. Fortunately there are a critical mass of individuals who are awake and will not allow this to occur.

Recent worldwide events are manifestations of a deeper process of lies, secrets, and corruption in our world’s institutions and systems being exposed, leading to Human Revolution and the birth of a New Earth.


COVID-19 is a bioweapon intentionally created and released to bring the human population to its knees as the last attempt of a dying empire to stay in power and control

It was created by the same worldwide cult that has been the true power in our world for centuries – pulling the puppet strings of governments, media, the scientific and medical establishment, intelligence agencies, religious institutions, militaries, and the financial system.

Its purpose serves many agendas and ends:

  1. Create fear, confusion, and chaos and therefore use that crisis to gain more control. “Ordo Ab Chao”
  2. Create total dependence on government and take away an individual’s ability to earn an independent living through forcefully closing and restricting businesses. This results in individuals being totally powerless and subservient to an all-powerful state.
  3. Prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected so the puppet Biden could be placed on the throne.
  4. Create a “crisis” and plunge the population into fear so that they do not just accept, but DEMAND governments take away their freedoms in the name of “safety.”
  5. Create an excuse to inoculate the entire world with a vaccine designed to further suppress human health and spiritual growth. A vaccine that is key in ushering in their population reduction agenda and furthering their transhumanist goal of creating a technological dystopian world of totalitarian, authoritarian control.
  6. Push a fundamentally de-humanizing agenda meant to separate us from heart and soul even more than the insane modern world already does. Make people afraid of all that makes us human and makes life worth living – physical touch, laughter, having fun with friends and family, celebrating holidays, etc.

The COVID situation is activating people’s deep memories of fear and trauma. When people are traumatized, they can’t think rationally, go into fight or flight mode, and will do anything to feel safe and protected.

Those with power in this world know that if they traumatize people, they will not only accept the revocation of their liberty – they will demand it.

The case counters, death counters, and continual news cycles in the media about spikes in cases and “deadly new variants” are attempts to keep the attention, energy, and fear of the population high so that our collective co-creative energy keeps powering an illusory, manufactured crisis.

For the “powers that were” know that human consciousness is immensely creative and that if they can make people believe in the reality of a deadly virus, their fear will sustain it.

The most tragic part of the whole COVID Operation is not the fact that the power structures in our world manufactured this crisis and used it to attempt to enslave the world.
The most tragic aspect is how many people have totally swallowed the propaganda narrative and become agents and enforcers of an evil agenda.

From police officers arresting people for not wearing masks in a park, to health inspectors shutting down small businesses. Doctors being pushers for Big Pharma and their dangerous vaccines while ignoring and suppressing information about non-invasive therapeutics and prophylactics to Individuals berating, disowning, and turning in their own family members to the “authorities” for violations of draconian quarantines and restrictions.

These are otherwise good people attempting to “do the right thing,” but when they are ignorant of what is True and what is Right, they become the enforcers of a draconian, anti-human, anti-divine agenda.


Masks are a symbol of compliance, fear, and ignorance—a symbol of hiding one’s true face, suppressing one’s truthful voice.

A mask is a diaper for a childish mind, a muzzle for a tame and domesticated animal, a gag for a submissive slave – not a sovereign, self-responsible human being.

The ploymakers needed a visible symbol of conformity and fear so that we could be reminded of the hoax Plandemic everywhere we go. The mask is this visible signal of compliance and for the falsely virtuous.

Masks and the vaccine are intelligence tests that distinguish between who is in touch with their own body and state of health and those who are disconnected from their own body and innate knowing of what is healthy.

One who is present in their body feels and knows on a deep level that the mask is wrong:

  • It blocks our full intake of oxygen – the single most important element to our survival and flourishing as biological and energetic beings.
  • It is representative of the fact that you do not trust your immune system to defend against threats to your inner state of vibrant health.
  • It is a symbol of how you fear death and so will live a pitiful, partial life to hide from it. You don’t trust that your body will die when it is meant to – and not a moment before.
  • It is fundamentally anti-science, even by mainstream sciences p.o.v. There is no scientific basis in the belief that it does anything to prevent the spread of viruses, and even the quacking duck Faux-Chi has said that they do nothing.

The Vaccine

This so-called vaccine is an experimental mRNA gene-altering chemical cocktail.
A vaccine being heavily pushed for a virus that is about as dangerous as influenza and is only a threat to the very old and those who are obese and have multiple co-morbidities.

All those who obediently take the vaccine willingly offer themselves up to be lab rats for power-hungry psychopaths who have shown you time and time again that they care only for money and power.

The agenda is holding the world hostage and telling them that the only way to go back to normal is to accept an experimental injection “for your own good” and “for the greater good”.

The vaccine agenda is tied to seemingly innocuous things such as vaccine passports required to participate in society, pervasive technological surveillance, and 5G tech that step-by-step, ultimately leading to a techno-dystopia trans-humanist society.
A future where we turn away from nature and become more and more subject to medical tyranny, centralized technological control, and the hijacking of our natural, divine bodies by technologies designed to enslave the human being.

There are already many people having adverse effects from these so-called “vaccines,” and many have died. All things happening that the mainstream media completely ignores.

When all is said and done, the Coronavirus Op and the Vaccine Agenda will likely be looked at as the greatest lie and the greatest crime ever committed against humanity.

The 2020 Election

The 2020 election was a fraud, just as free and fair elections have been an illusion for many decades in the U.S. and worldwide.

The dementia-addled Biden was (s)elected into the presidency through many forms of fraud.

  • A corrupt media that licked his boots and hid every negative thing about him.
  • Fake polls that gave the illusion that he was in the lead before the election so that the steal would be believed after it happened.
  • Various forms of fraud having to do with the ballots themselves – dead people voting, digital voting machines manipulating votes, votes injected into the count in the middle of the night, etc.

Joe Biden is not really president. He is a figurehead reading a script and that is all. He has no real power. No one with any awareness at all believes that he is actually calling the shots. You can see that he hardly knows where he is and can’t even string a few coherent sentences together.
Do you really believe he got millions more people to vote for him than Obama did in 2008?
There is a tragic-comedy theatre playing itself out as far as his puppet show of a presidency.

Patriotic, freedom-loving individuals fighting back against the hijacking of the government are being banned from social media, internet service providers, and online payment processors. The media is labeling them as “domestic terrorists” and “Nazi white supremacist far-right extremists,” and the FBI is hunting them.

The January 6th “insurrection” was not an “attack on our democracy”. (Truthfully, we don’t have a democracy to attack.) It was a patriotic uprising against tyranny, just like the Boston Tea Party many years before. The media of the day must have also labeled them as “dangerous insurrectionists”.
That congresspeople were cowering under their chairs from their own constituents is a perfect illustration of who they really are.

Now, first Arizona, and then more states are doing an in-depth forensic audit of the election. But, of course, the media is either attempting to ignore this or attacking the process.
If the election was completely fair and transparent, why are they so against a thorough process to confirm that?

The revelation of the stolen election of 2020 will be just one of many dominoes to fall in the weeks and months to come.

Manufactured Division

Climate change, racism, political ideology, the UFO topic, and other current contentious topics are artificially inflated and inflamed by the controlled media to further divide humanity against itself, generate fear, stress, and distract from the real truth who the actual enemy of humanity is.

Everything in our public discourse is funneled into Left vs. Right, Democrat vs. Republican, Liberal vs. Conservative, etc. This is a divide and conquer strategy meant to keep people arguing and voting for who they perceive to be the “good guys” and fighting against who they perceive to be “the bad guys”.

The truth is that there is a uni-party deep state that has hijacked every major institution in our world against the people.
It is the authoritarian control system vs. all human beings.

”Climate Change”

There is no “global warming”, the climate is always changing and humans have very little to do with it. We are actually heading towards a time of a slight cooling of the Earth in the next few decades.
We are polluting the Earth and that is one of the most important things that we must address. However, the whole “global warming” narrative is an agenda to generate fear to centralize control and power in the hands of the few with the excuse of saving the planet.
As the energy of the COVID Operation wanes, they are beginning to again push “climate change” as the next great crisis that coincidentally requires all the “solutions” that they desire.


Racism is much less of a problem than the constant negative news cycles make you believe it to be. Yet, there is an obvious agenda to divide people by race and set them at each other’s throats over manufactured lies.

Additionally, the woke “anti-racist” movement is profoundly racist. It views everything through one’s identity and skin color rather than seeing each individual as a sovereign, divine being that is not reducible to limited identities.


The UFO topic that has suddenly become mainstream is the inevitable result that governments can no longer deny the truth when millions of people have seen craft and have had first-hand experiences.

What the government, intelligence agencies, military, and media release to the public will only be .01 percent of the whole truth of the reality of extraterrestrial presence on, in, and around Earth. And everything coming from their limited hangout disclosure is coached in the language of fear and the view that ET’s are a threat to humans.

More lies and more fear.

If they told the full truth, there would be a worldwide revolt, as governments and shadow agencies have been having contact with ET beings since at least the 1940s and have reverse-engineered anti-gravity craft of their own and have bases established on the Moon and Mars and likely other places as well.

The knowledge and technology they have suppressed and hidden from humanity has been a necessary aspect of their total control of human perception and belief – and therefore our reality.

The Exposure of Darkness in the Light of Truth

The “powers that were” the so-called “elites” thought that the COVID Operation would be the initiation ritual for their New World Order and the final play to usher in their Great Reset.

They planned for it to be the final catalyst for population reduction, population control, and the implementation of their totalitarian system upon a traumatized and submissive populace.

However, the whole operation has backfired and blown up in their faces.
They thought it would be their greatest triumph – but it is actually their downfall and is soon to be their funeral.

Due to these events, the darkness is being exposed and brought into the light of our awareness so that humanity can learn the truth and decide what world we wish to create for the future.

The years of 2020 and 2021 will be known in the future as the time when Humanity was shocked and shaken into seeing the truth of our world.

Worldwide Awakening & Rejection of Agendas

Despite the fact that anyone who questions the mainstream narrative is censored and banned from social media, the truth is coming out.

The coordinated effort by governments, tech companies, the mainstream media, and other institutions that dictate the direction of our civilization is evidence that those who have been in power are very threatened and frightened by individuals questioning official narratives and communicating with one another outside of their tiny box of “authoritative sources,” “experts,” and “fact-checkers.”

Their minions in media, government, medicine, science, entertainment, etc. are daily being exposed for liars who have sold out their fellow humans to give their allegiance to a false system that has given them influence and wealth in exchange for their soul.

Distrust and derision of all these mainstream institutions, “experts,” and “authorities” is at an all-time high.
Even though perhaps half of the world’s population or more is still asleep, still totally obedient and trusting in mainstream institutions – they have lost control of the narrative with a critical mass of people.

Somewhere between a quarter and one half of the population is uniting together and rejecting all of these false agendas. Refusing to lock down businesses, refusing to comply with draconian restrictions, and refusing their vaccine and the bribes, coercion, and guilt pushed on them by the mainstream media.

The Shadow War For Human Liberation

While the world has been focused on the Coronavirus event, behind the scenes there has been a taking down of the corrupt.
Humanity’s greatest war has been happening in secret, with most of the population utterly ignorant of it.

One who looks carefully at the many anomalous occurrences that have been happening for the past few years can see a massive sea change building.

Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction, and the backlash to decades and centuries of a false matrix society with human enslavement and suppression is leading up to a massive exposure and taking down of corruption worldwide.

Many of the people we have been taught to respect and admire, many of the institutions and systems that we have been taught exist to aid humanity have been the complete opposite in this inverted society.

These people and groups who have sold out their fellow human beings and made the Faustian deal with the devil, Politicians, billionaires, celebrities, doctors, scientists, priests, etc., can no longer hide who they are and are being exposed.

The rampant human trafficking and pedophilia that has been a primary way that the “powers that were” controlled people of power and influence in our world through honeypots and blackmail is being exposed.

Human Revolution

As truths come out and lies, corruption, and evil is exposed….
The world is ripe for revolution.

The truth of what has been going on in secret in our world cannot be hidden any longer.
The control system is crumbling under a critical mass of human beings rising up and refusing to comply with insane, anti-human and anti-divine programs, systems, institutions, and governments.

Their draconian demands are just that – demands issued under the threat of punishment for non-compliance.
Their only power is that which we give them and allow them to get away with.

Humanity is beginning to awaken,
And is realizing that united we are very strong.

The Next Chapter: The Healing Crisis

It looks very bleak right now, but this is the necessary “healing crisis” where we process and transform the darkness and disease in the human consciousness and human civilization so we can truly heal and move on to a positive future.

The next chapter in this story is revelation after revelation and exposure after exposure that leads to Humanity experiencing our collective Dark Night of the Soul as billions of sleepers are faced with the collapse of their illusory reality.

The agendas shall be exposed and human beings will be given the opportunity to choose to evolve themselves or to refuse to change as they cling to the Old World.

These times of trials and tribulations are the long-prophesied separating of the wheat from the chaff.

Some are sovereign, self-responsible and aware individuals ready to graduate into a more expansive and loving reality, while others are other-responsible, ignorant, and too trapped in the prison of their own beliefs and identifications to evolve their consciousness.

Take a step back and recognize that you are experiencing history in the making. You are here as a participant and a witness to the awakening and liberation of humanity.

And so it shall be.

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