The Old World & The New

Right now upon the earth, there exists two vastly different paradigms, two worlds, two energies.

The Old World and the old energies, which exists in separation, in victim-consciousness, and in fear.

And the New World – which knows that each individual is a powerful creator, that recognizes infinite abundance, that honors the fundamental oneness of all life, and that perceives from the heart rather than the mind.

There is a struggle as the human collective consciousness transitions from the old energies, which are no longer relevant and useful for our growth.
We are in the process of changing to a totally new paradigm.
One that honors and exalts the human spirit, rather than keeping it confined in limitation and bondage to illusory beliefs.

The Old Energy

The Old World, the Old Energy manifests in many ways in our world and in our consciousness.

It is the thousands of years of oppression and suppression of the human spirit for the sake of power and control.
It is the consciousness which exists in separation, and so perceives separation in everything.
It is the belief in lack and scarcity, and the fear-based living that results.
It is the subjugation of the feminine principle by a weak pseudo-masculine expression.
It is governments based in secrecy, lies, compartmentalization, hidden corruption.
It is the society wholly confined within materialism and consumption.
It is the playing out of victim and perpetrator games on both the individual and collective level.
It is the conditioning into children of beliefs of sin, guilt, shame, and that they must go against their natural self in order to survive.

The Cause of the Old World

The old energy was the product of a certain reality experience being played out on the Earth.

For thousands of years human beings have taught and believed in disempowerment. For millennia humanity has been enmeshed in an Age of Forgetting.

Beliefs that people have taken as true, Passed from generation to generation
From parent to child,

The old energy was sustained in order to keep people powerless, keep them ignorant, keep them spiritually asleep and disconnected from their health and vitality.
Yet, it was not only externally imposed from “others”. It was allowed and co-created by us all, and we must take responsibility or we can never change.

This fundamental belief in separation and disempowerment and the forgetting of inner truth is of the old energy and has created the Old World of which we are beginning to dismantle.

The crumbling of the outdated structures

Any structure built with fundamentally flawed blueprints, materials, and builders will not last for long. And so it is with the Old Energy, it could only dominate for so long before it began to destroy itself.
Both from the chaos from within the control system, from the asleep inmates waking up, and from the Cycles of Time which wait for no man and pull evolution ever onward.

The power games and victim/perpetrator drama could only continue while we were unaware of it and thus believed it to be normal.

The internet has been critical in dismantling the Old World – with our recent ability to share information, create communities, and interconnect.

And now, more and more individuals are thinking, dreaming, and gathering together to build a new world.

Two Worlds Co-Existing

Right now is a very interesting time, as these two perspectives which are vastly different, and in many ways the antithesis of each other, co-exist within the same country, the same organization, the same family, and even in the same individual.

There is an amazing breadth of experience being played out in the world today. There must be few worlds in creation in which people of such an evolved and loving consciousness share the same world with others of such a dense and low consciousness.

There are many beliefs operating in the world that are holdovers from old and outdated thinking.
Old beliefs such as:
“no pain, no gain”,
are no longer true. And truly never were.
In the new energy, it is:
“In pain there is no gain. Life unfolds in effortless perfection.”

The contrast is great. And it is in this contrast that we are see very clearly what we do and do not prefer.

All of the darkness within humanity, all of the negativity, all that has been hidden is being brought out from under the table and placed upon it in the light of our awareness.

Many are recoiling in horror at the shadows within human consciousness and that have been fundamental to the fabric of our civilization. Yet this is the necessary healing crisis through which we must pass in order to become healthy and free.

The Transition from One World to a New

We are in the transition times
The shift from the Old World and the Old Energy to a New Earth, and a totally new energy.

It is becoming very clear who is of the old consciousness and no longer has any place in the new energy beginning to be born upon this planet.
These pitiable souls will leave this plane and go to somewhere they can play out their dense energies and karmas with others of equal maturity.

We must be compassionate, non-judgmental, and understanding of these lost souls – for if we stand in condemnation of them we only perpetuate the Old Energy that we are working to transcend.

The wielder of the New Energy and the leader into the New World understands that every victim attracts their own perpetrator, and that in this game of polarized duality we have been playing for our own soul’s growth we required beings to play the side of darkness so that we could be inspired to embody the light.

We bless them, forgive them, and await their return to our cosmic family.

We are the builders of a new world

Now is the time of breaking out of the Old World.
Of letting it crumble and burn itself completely away.
It was always a false reality of borrowed ideas that didn’t fit.

And as it falls we are creating a totally new culture which will replace it as it leaves this Earth.

We have been born into this world at this day and time to alchemically transform the old energy .
To redeem all that had been lost.
To transmute fear into joy and hate into love.

We are the builders of a New World.
We are the bringers of a New Dawn.
We are the creators of a New Reality.

Be brave and steadfast through the storms of this Great Shift.

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