The Age of Remembrance

Humanities long journey from The Age of Forgetting to The Age of Remembering

This is The Age of Remembrance

For thousands and thousands of years humanity has been living in The Age of Forgetting. We have spent eons living in darkness, forgetting who we are and why we are here while exploring deeply the experience of limitation, ignorance, and forgetfulness.

This spiritual amnesia has been both the cause and the effect of the loss of our connection to the infinite, and the believed and perceived separation from All That Is. This believed and perceived of estrangement from existence brings with it the experience of separation from one another, and within oneself.

This Age of Forgetting, and the exploration into limitation and forgetfulness has been a great education.
This adventure into deep, deep darkness has taught The One and the expressions of The One, human beings, a great deal about themselves and about existence.

This has been its purpose, as painful as it has been for those who have been lost within this play.  We forgot so that we may discover ourselves anew from a place of unknowing.

This long and winding journey has taken human consciousness through many different lands, many different experiences, many discoveries.
But all journeys must someday reach their farthest point and then return back to Home.
All arcs reach their apex and reverse their direction back to their source.

Humanity has been on this outward journey and have explored as deep as it is possible to go into limitation, darkness, and forgetting.
We have created a reality and an experience on this world of great self-ishness, or obsession with the self and the bodily form to the exclusion of our connection to All.
We have created wars and a great division between those who control the world and those who are merely cogs in the system.

We forgot so deeply that we even forgot that we had forgotten.
We forgot that there was something we had lost.
And this has been the worst kind of prison – when the prisoner forgets that he was ever free and does not realize he is a slave in chains.

For the worst kind of hell is the one you don’t realize you are in.

We’ve played this game to its very limit, it has taught us much about ourselves, but now we are ready to leave this Dark Age behind us and play a new game.


The Shift of the Ages

And so here the beginning the 21st century, for decades the veil has been thinning and things long lost are coming to the surface. More and more individuals are waking up from the artificial matrix and are remembering that they are more than the mass-consensus culture has told them they are.

We are at The Shift of the Ages – the transformation from the Age of Forgetfulness, to The Age of Remembrance.

At this crucial juncture, everything is coming to the surface, all the darkness and all the limitation. It’s all bubbling up in the form of the exposure of the corruption and selfishness in our institutions so we can face it, so we can realize what we have created and what kind of world we have been living in.

Many see these times of chaos and instability and wonder if Humanity is on the brink of destruction.  As we bring more light into human consciousness the dark side becomes more visible.  Darkness is defined by light, and it is the contrast which enables us to see who we are and what we prefer.

All the secrets, all the hidden things are coming to the surface so that we can choose:
Is this what we want? Is this the reality we prefer to create?
Or do we choose to create a new world, a new paradigm, a New Man and a New Earth?

So it is, that in this Age, many lost things are being found again, much ancient wisdom is being rediscovered.
Much that we had forgotten in our dim and distant past is coming to the fore.

The Time of the Remembering

This is The Time of the Remembering
This is the age when we remember our true selves and we remember mankind’s highest destiny.

We play a new game, we create a new play, tell a new story,
A story of great illumination, of great freedom, of great joy.

We enter a new reality, where we no longer need to hide things from ourselves. We no longer need to explore limitation. We have learned the lesson of limitation.

The lesson is that we are powerful creators. So powerful, in fact, that we can even create such intense limitation and still find the way to transform it into freedom. That we can descend so deeply into darkness and still find the light.

Now we are becoming free. Free to create a loving and joyful reality.
As we remember more and more of ourselves, as we literally re-member ourselves.
We bring back those pieces and parts of ourselves have been separated.
We gather them together and integrate them into one.

It is time.
It is time to re-call, re-cognize, re-mind, and re-collect that which we have lost, that which we have forgotten, that which we have hidden from ourselves.

We are entering a New Age, an age of magic and miracles upon the earth, where fairy tales are lived, where what humanity previously dismissed as mere myth and fantasy is actually how life actually is.

In this New Age, we blend, fact and fiction.
We blend fantasy and reality.
We enter a totally new dimension of consciousness, and we awaken as spiritual
beings with infinite creative potential.
Free of our past, free of fear, free of beliefs in victimhood and limitation.

This is the great promise of this Golden Dawn which is on the horizon.
This Song and The Story of these times we are living in now will be sung down the ages.

This will be known as the turning point in humanity’s Great Story.
As we now close the book on The Age of Forgetting, and begin to write the new story of The Age of Remembrance.

Remember Yourself

You, the individual,
Allow yourself to remember yourself.
You don’t have to try, you don’t have to create a memory.
All that is hidden is lying within you. Only open to more and more of yourself, to more and more of the unknown.

Remember your inmost longing, your wildest dreams, the deepest thing you know to be true.
Remember what lies beneath the noise of thought and the activity of the modern world.
Follow your joyful passion and allow yourself to remember the essence of your heart’s blood.
In silence and meditation remember parts of yourself that had been forgotten and integrate all into your total being.

And as individuals remember themselves, become integrated within themselves, and bring forth from their being their creative potential – so the world will be transformed and the collective consciousness of humanity will as a whole, remember.

So arise, and wipe the sleep from your eyes.
Wake up from the nightmare-dream that is haunting you with illusory shadows.
Allow yourself to have a memory of light.

And dream a new dream for yourself and for Humanity.

Allow yourself to come to lucidity within this Age of Remembrance.

Remember always,
to always remember.

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