Masters of Limitation

We Human Beings have been called “Masters of Limitation”.
We are extremely skilled at forgetting that we are the creators of our reality and beings of infinite possibility.

This Human experience is an adventure into the density of time, space, and becoming.
Of forgetting who and what we are, and what we are here to do.
Of experiencing the act of creation as being a difficult and demanding process.

Every single human being is an infinitely powerful brave soul who has chosen to be born into a world that requires you to start from the beginning, at zero, and self-create yourself back to conscious divinity.

This is how powerful we are.
That we can create an experience of such total powerlessness
This is how creative we are.
For only an infinitely powerful creator-being could create the experience of being such a victim to the reality that they have created.

This life experience of great restriction and difficulty is often a wearying challenge, yet it is the experience of great limitation that teaches us about our infinite potential.


Our Vacation in Limitation

For thousands of years humanity has collectively chosen to experience a great degree of restriction.
To our greater being this is a vacation, a fun game to play for a time as a break from our usual existence.

We took a vacation into the Earth realm, but the forgetting was so effective that we even forgot that we had forgotten.
This is the Fall of Man, that we ate of the fruit of the knowledge of duality and so expelled ourselves from the Garden.


This collective agreement to play for a brief time this game of limitation is reflected both in the individual’s experience of great isolation and powerlessness, as well as being mirrored in the fact that our institutions and government has been so oppressive and controlling – serving to perpetuate the darkness on this planet.

Our entire civilization has been structured around these beliefs in powerlessness which serves to keep us locked into this limited reality.

However, this Age has come to a close and a New Age has begun. An Age of Remembering and of awakening to our creative power.

Why Would We Choose to Confine Ourselves?

Our greater being is all knowing and all powerful, but chose to veil its knowing and power from itself so that it could discover more of its essential nature and be challenged to dig deeper within itself in order to rise higher.

Sometimes a person must allow themselves to be put into a prison in order to learn that the jail can confine the body but not the soul.
Sometimes the magician must lose his powers for a time so that he discovers his true power that cannot be lost.
Sometimes the King must forget that he is the King and become a beggar, so that he can undergo the journey of self-remembering and self-discovery and reclaim his rulership, and after the adventure become a wiser and more powerful King than before.


The Lessons of Limitation

Limitation is not inherently negative.
Without this process of definition we would not be having a physical reality experience.
Without this constraint upon us we would not be able to know the thrill of surprise and discovery.

To exist in physical reality is to exist in limitation.
It is to be focused down, crystallized and materialized within a physical form.
We are restricted by being born into this reality without any memory of who we are, where we have come from, and why we are here.
We are constrained by form and time, by the gap between our actions and the fruits our actions.
We are limited by the forgetting of our true nature and power, and ignorance of the truth that the reality we perceive to be outside of us is actually created from our own consciousness.

The experience of limitation can teach you much, it can provide the environment for you to make great leaps of growth.

The Earth school is a master class. A game with an immense level of difficulty and challenges in order to attain victory.

Explore limitation, enjoy the journey, and learn what it has to teach you.
Embrace the beauty of this fleeting and precious world.
Feel the poignancy of the tragic element in human existence – because of our ignorance of the immortality of the soul.

Transforming Limitation into Limitlessness

The key is to use your limitations creatively.
To take that which would limit you and use it for your empowerment.
We can utilize the Power of Paradox to transform that which is limited into limitlessness.

Just as the further back you stretch a rubber band, the further it flies forward. The deeper you journey into darkness, limitation, forgetfulness, the further and faster you will fly forward into remembering, light, and limitless freedom.
And in order to rise into the heights of heaven you must have experienced the depths of hell.

By fully embracing the challenges of our inhibited existence in form, time, and space we are then able to use these hurdles to empower us to become more powerful than we were before.

This is the way of things, that we grow by experiencing the contrasts. That muscles are built through overcoming resistance.

This Earth is a very challenging school.
Here we experience intense emotions, learn how to create within such great circumstances of limitation, and attempt to find the light within such darkness.

We forget so that we can remember from a place of total ignorance
We become powerless so that we can rediscover our deepest power
We lose everything so we can gain it anew
We limit ourselves so that we may learn our true limitlessness, Infinity

This is the Great Work we have joyfully come to this world to accomplish.
To redeem

We are Masters of Limitation
And we shall soon be masters of infinite power and wisdom.


We Are The Leading Edge of Existence’s Self-Exploration

It has been said that extraterrestrials find it hard to believe that beings could descend so deep into identification with form that they could totally forget that they are one with existence.

They say that a forgetting and challenge to this degree has never been attempted before in this universe.
They admire and respect Humanity for our courage in descending so deep into darkness.
They know that when we finally do wake up, remember, and re-claim our power, that we will be great teachers in the universe. We will be uniquely able to guide other beings out of the darkness, for we have gone deeper into it than anyone else.

They say, “Well if they can do it, ANYBODY can do it.”

In this way, we are the leading edge of the Creator’s exploration of itself.
We are journeying deeper and farther than any other beings have gone before.
And as we plumb the depths we share that experience with all beings and share it with the source of All.

Masters of Limitlessness

Just as we have been Masters of Limitation.
We may now become Masters of Limitlessness.

We have plumbed the depths darkness and ignorance.
We have explored as far as it is possible to go into limitation, separation and powerlessness.

We have experienced every way that a being can create experiences of limitation for itself.
There is nothing else for us to explore.
“Been there, done that. “

The only way to go is up.
We have reached the end of our downward swing and are now beginning the arc of our return journey.
And now we shall fly rapidly into the skies of potentiality

We are now free to live in freedom and infinite possibility.
We’ve played the game of limitation and [forgetting], but that is an old game that is no longer fun or instructive.

It will very soon no longer be relevant.
For once you have explored and experienced the deepest darkness, there is nowhere else to go but to return to the light.
And this time our light will be even brighter and of great purity because we have integrated all the shadows and transformed them.

We Are The Masters of Limitation

The paradox is, that it is through the experience of great limitation that we are now attaining limitless freedom, that we are now learning to be great creators, beings of great power and freedom.

It is now the time when Humanity as a whole awakens to our divine creator-hood and transforms limitation into limitlessness, and collectively co-create a New Man and a New Earth.

And in the near future we shall explore the universe and become friends and guides to many beings.
And we shall proudly tell them:

“I am a Human Being, a child of the Earth.
I have entered the deepest darkness and discovered the light.
I am a Master of Limitation.”

2 thoughts on “Masters of Limitation

  1. “Our greater being is all knowing and all powerful, but chose to veil its knowing and power from itself so that it could discover more of its essential nature and be challenged to dig deeper within itself in order to rise higher.” I would call it “to expand” because it is difficultto ezpress growth as a direction where space and time do not exist in this way. But WOW, how wonderful you have written this!! I felt the expansionin ME 🥰 Moderator of FB page Abraham-Hicks Nederland

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