Bizarro World

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down.
Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”
– Michael Ellner

We live in an inverted world, a bizarro world.
Everything is backwards, everything is upside down.


In our culture and society people and institutions carry out the exact opposite of their intended purpose for existence.

Our society is insane. This is obvious.
The only reason why it doesn’t seem so, is because we have been born and raised in this inverted world. Therefore, we accept it as normal.

We have been told that up is down, black is white, right is wrong.
That justice is injustice, war is peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is knowledge.

We all feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with our society. Many people just shrug it off as “the way things are”, or as “just human nature”. But this is NOT human nature, it is NOT normal.

As Morpheus said to Neo in The Matrix:

“Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

We can all feel on an intuitive level that our society is fundamentally wrong.
It is only our collective belief and acquiescence to this backwards reality that sustains it.


The Inverted Institutions

The mainstream media does not serve to inform the people, but rather obscures the truth as it misinforms. It is state-sponsored propaganda meant to tell people what they believe. Rather than simply reporting facts and allowing individuals to interpret them, they relentlessly push a certain narrative that they authoritatively speak as if it is so. (And of course everybody knows that it is so.) And even more, they do not report facts, but pick and choose what facts serve their narrative and have even been caught manufacturing facts to suit their ends.

The healthcare industry does not help people to heal and become well, rather it exists to keep people in a constant state of illness and dependency on drugs and doctors. It has a vested interests in keeping people sick and keeping them dependent on pharmaceuticals.

Rather than having a Department of Peace, we have a Department of War. Instead of using the resources available to us to aid places on earth that need food, water, shelter, education, and the basic necessities of survival, we spend trillions of dollars every year for military campaigns where we bomb innocent women and children. Governments create never-ending wars for geo-political and economic machinations, when the money and energy we put in these wars could be used to build infrastructure and education in these places. This would cause these people to be grateful to these powerful countries instead of feeding their justifiable bitterness and anger.

Mainstream religion does not serve to aid people in living a spiritual life, rather it serves to stunt our spiritual growth, to keep us in fear, shame, and guilt. Mainstream religious leaders are not self-sacrificing servants of all, but rather often greedy, politically minded parasites who take advantage of the good faith of ordinary people.
And it is increasingly coming to the surface that those we have trusted to guide our children have instead preyed on them and abused them. We are discovering that some of the darkest people on our planet wear the whitest robes.

Our political system does not serve to empower the people and facilitate a healthy society, rather it serves as a system of control which disempowers people and gives us the illusion of choice. Politicians are meant to be servants of all, but we make them into celebrity-like leaders who we worship and vote for in a theatrical popularity contest. We are led by the least among us, those who lust after egoic aggrandizement – rather than the greatest among us, those who accept the responsibility of leadership with humility and in service.


Our education system does not serve to foster the total health and growth of our children. It does not teach them to learn how to learn, and learn how to be their truest self. Rather it destroys their innate intelligence and creativity, turning them into robots who must repeat and regurgitate false knowledge in order to become worker drones who will take their place as a gear in the machine.

Our legal system does not act to protect justice but rather serves to legalize injustice. It preys on minorities and the poor while allowing the rich to act without receiving the consequences of their actions. It sends our people to for-profit prison where the rich become richer through the imprisoning of others as punishment rather than helping them to heal and grow and learn from their mistakes.

Our entertainment media for the most part does not produce stories and artworks which awaken and inspire the human soul to greater heights of love, beauty, and wisdom. Rather the factories of Hollywood churn out films of violence, fear, and confusion. Stories and narratives are subtly injected into the collective consciousness of humanity that serve to keep us believing in disempowerment and in the continuation of the old insane system.
We are taught to be afraid of extraterrestrials that will only come to enslave us, afraid of the impending end of the world, and afraid of terrorists. Our television screens broadcast predictive program and hypnotic imagery that serves to keep us locked into low frequencies of violence, anger, fear, conflict, and separation.

Our technology can be a great tool that can serve to aid humanity to be more and more free and aware of ourselves and our world. Yet instead we have handheld devices which we become addicted to that track and surveil us and sell our data to advertisers and governments.
We are made to believe that our technology is cutting edge, while technological advances that can remove our dependence on unsustainable energy sources are kept from the public.

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and Twitter are powerful tools of connection and information. However, due to their deep connections to governments and intelligence agencies they are increasingly censoring individual voices who stray from the mainstream narrative. They have become arbiters of an officially sanctioned truth, vast entities that suppress and hide information that does not keep the status quo and serve the interests of their so called “elite” masters.

Our financial system does not serve to facilitate the flow of abundance and ensure that all people on Earth are provided for. Instead it is designed to create artificial scarcity so that the .1% can continue to control the 99.9%. It is a slavery system which keeps people spending all their time working just to survive and dig themselves out of their holes of debt. Making them too busy surviving and numbing their mind with popular entertainment to have the freedom to wake up to the insanity of the system.

Academia and the scientific establishment does not act to lead the way forward in the discovery of knowledge and truth. Rather it serves as the gatekeepers of an outdated scientific materialist belief system that does not address the whole human being. Scientific studies are funded by major corporations and vested interests to produce the results desired, and discoveries which would revolutionize our view of human history are hidden and ignored.
And our universities are bloated profit-driven monstrosities that young people are told they must attend or else they will never make it in the world.


The Root Source of the Inversion

This inversion is nothing new, it has been in our civilization from the beginning, yet the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st has seen this fundamentally corrupt system reach its apex.
And with mass media, technology, and the rising power and influence of big government, big finance, big tech, etc. The inverted system has only centralized more power in the hands of the few.

The insanity at the root of our institutions is now obvious for all to see. And those who are behind it are not even trying to hide it anymore, it is right out in the open and a large part of humanity is too propagandized and hypnotized to even recognize it for what it is.

It all comes down to money and control.
These institutions are all subject to influence by vested interests

They are inverted because they exist not to help people, not to serve the greater good, not to make our world better, but for the few to become richer, more powerful, and to centralize more and more control.

They are inverted because they exist not to serve their stated purpose. Because they are not rooted in honesty, transparency, and truthfulness.

This has been allowed to happen because our ignorance and because the entire society has inherited the greed for money and power from the so called “elites”. So that even those low down on the totem pole will sustain the system in order to get their little piece of the pie.

Our institutions are rotten to the core and must be re-made.


Inverting the Inversion

It is time enter the institutions, to turn over the tables, and to expel the controllers from their gilded thrones.

It is time for a mass awakening of the populace. It is the time when the false narratives and techniques of perception deception are seen through by individuals who see clearly and are unable to be lied to any longer.

It is time that we no longer believe that we can reform these institutions by gradual improvements, but rather we strike to the root of this whole control system.
This means demanding change and taking radical action to transform our societies institutions.

We must also recognize our part as an individual in this backwards society. We have participated in the madness and allowed this to happen.
We must not throw the blame on “those people”, on the other, on the powers that be. We must realize that we given our permission for others to control us and are not powerless victims.

It is time for us to see the inverted world for what it is – then we can work together to build a new civilization based on fundamentally different principles.

We can turn the world from being on its head to being solidly on its feet.

As we do this, Humanity will become for the first time healthy and whole and will be free to rapidly evolve into a near-utopian civilization.

We can find sanity in an insane world, freedom in an unfree system, and un-invert this bizarro reality.

We will transform from the backwards, inverted, upside-down Bizarro World into the sane, healthy, truthful, New Earth.


What do you think?

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