The Trump Card

Donald Trump is the living embodiment of the polarization in our collective society.
Many hate him and many love him, yet there are few who see deeper than the surface and see the multidimensional nature of this enigmatic man and the many ways in which his presence as a main actor on the world stage reveals much about ourselves, the nature of our society, and this Great Shift that we are in the midst of.


Who is Trump?

The Trumpet

He is the brazen sound which heralds a changing of the guard. The loud and clear blowhard who shakes people out of their slumber.

The Joker

The court jester who dances around the lords and ladies and disturbs their fake facade of normalcy. The impish fast talker who prods and provokes those who have no sense of humor. The one who exposes the hypocrisy and insanity of politicians, newscasters, and celebrities.


The Wise Fool.

The one who appears to be a bumbling idiot, but actually has a crude sort of intelligence and knack for pulling the rabbit out of the hat. The one who someday soon may surprise everyone with just how clever he truly is.

The Trump Card

The wild card that you didn’t know was in the deck but is dealt out and totally disrupts the game – whether for better or worse. The card which breaks all the rules and upends the table.

The Egoist Incarnate.

A perfect avatar of our superficial, materialistic society which worships the outer show yet is ignorant of the inner reality.
While not actually a racist, xenophobe, sexist, etc, as the media claims. He obviously is narcissistic and can be rather petty and childish and says things that are out of integrity.

The Catalyst

He is a great polarizer. He provides the impetus for people to act in one way or another. Whether it is to try to take him out at any means, or to build a new political system, or to work to eradicate the deeps state, or to take action in your local community, or to sink into despair…..

Perhaps the truth is that he contains a multitude of masks and roles.
He is a villain, a hero, a fool, a genius, a patriot, a puppet, a family man, an adulterer, a freedom fighter, a oligarch, an everyman, an elitist, a man-child, a spoiled child, a neglected child, a man of God, a man of sin…


The Media and Trump Hysteria

There are many who think he is Hitler incarnate and some special threat to our “democracy”. Yet he is definitely no worse than Obama, the Clintons and the Bush’s who were all war mongering puppets of the military industrial complex, the deep state, or whatever name you wish to call the vested interests who are the real power behind the throne.
Obama was the same old fascism as before, only with a charismatic mask. Which is much more dangerous than Trump, who at least is who he is openly.

There are many who have come down with a bad case of TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome) and vehemently despise him, spending so much of their energy fighting against him. His presence shows how little self-awareness they have, for the reason they react so strongly against him is because he is the embodiment of their shadow which they are projecting upon him as a scapegoat and distraction.

Another key understanding is to realize just how much the American people are propagandized by the mainstream media. Those who control the narrative control the world, and it is very clear that the media, as the propaganda arm of the control system, has been in desperation mode to spread lies and twist everything he does and says in order to turn the public against him.

The Russia collusion conspiracy theory is a complete joke that would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Considering how many people actually believe that Russia interfered in the election and that they are some special threat , a bogey man hiding under the bed. Many wanted to try to impeach him at all costs and so stupidly latched onto any excuse no matter how deranged.


His True Intentions(?)

There is evidence to suggest that he truly does love America and wants to make it great. Of course, good intentions require also intelligent application.
It is interesting to note that his natal chart is dominated by Cancer – the sign associated with patriotism and deep feelings for the motherland.

He has done some good things and some bad things as president. Arresting Julian Assange and seemingly pushing 5G are very concerning.

It appears that he truly is working with “the alliance”, that there is a loose coalition that is attempting to remove the deeply entrenched rot in all of our societal institutions. If the Q team follows through there may be some major revealings of the corruption that has dominated politics, media, entertainment, religion, and business.

The Man of the Hour

There are no coincidences, no accidents. Believe it or not, Trump was destined to be president.
He is the man of the hour.
He is an imperfect anti-hero.
He is the wrecking ball that lays waste to our rotten to the core institutions.

We must allow the old order to destroy itself before we can build a totally new way of organizing our civilization.
It is my hope that he cause as much chaos and destruction to the rotten structures before we choose new leaders who are not of the Old Energy and who are individuals of integrity.

He is a Mirror

You can use Donald Trump as a reflection to see yourself and define who you prefer to be.
Who do you choose to be?
What world do you choose to live in?

He is neither a “good guy” nor a “bad guy”, neither a savior nor a villain.
It is this AND that. He is both, he is neither.
He IS.
Now, the question is, in seeing ourselves in his reflection,
Who are YOU?

Evernote Camera Roll 20161128 142233
A homeless man I saw shortly after Trump’s election on 42nd street in New York.  His “Fuck Trump” sign with a cup for money in front of it served to appeal to peoples hatred of Trump in order to make money.  Just as the news media helped create Trumps rise to the presidency by constantly talking about him in order to attract viewers(money).


What do you think?

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