Experience is the Only Reality

Reality is an illusion
It is only the experience that is real, that matters

It does not matter whether you experience something in a dream, in a hallucination, in your imagination, or in waking “reality”.
It is the experience that is real.
It is the experience that matters. (pun intended)


The Experience is the Point

To be Human is to experience intense and varied emotions and to live in a world of intense limitations.
Yet this is the experience that we have chosen to have.

It is through experience that we learn, that we grow, that we evolve.
It is the experience of emotions, of love, of loss, of beauty, of pain, of redemption that has any reality, any worth, any permanence, any ultimate purpose.

Yet, paradoxically, it is our experiences that are most fleeting and ephemeral.
But it is our experiences, and the soul growth derived from them that we will take with us in our eternal astral journey.

We will not take any of our money, any of our possessions with us – all we we will leave with is the experiences and what those experiences have brought forth from within us.

When all is said in done and we leave this Earth plane. It will be only our experiences that will mean anything at all.

Experience Is Reality

Experience is Reality.
There is no other.

Reality is not something objective, solid, real.
Reality only exists as an experience.
That doesn’t make it unreal or meaningless,
But neither does that make it ultimately real or meaningful.

There is no physical reality, except your experience of it. 
That is what reality is.

It is simply an experience
One of many possible within the Great Mystery of All That Is


You have created this world, this reality, out of your own consciousness in order to have the experience that you desire to have.

Therefore, enjoy the theatre play that is your life and create the life-experience that you desire.
Knowing that any experience you can imagine exists.
And knowing that all of these experiences cannot harm the true you that exists beyond this and all other reality-experiences.

So from these experiences of thousands of lives,
Extract the essence, the perfume of one’s Reality beyond the ever-changing forms.
Awaken to the Reality behind the experiences and the experiencer.

What do you think?

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