The Only Limitation is the Belief in Limitation

The only thing that is limiting you is the idea that you are limited.

You are created in the image of The Creator.
Therefore you are also a creator.
The only way you could appear to be powerless is if you use your unlimited creative power to cause yourself to believe that you are powerless.

Only an unlimited being can create the experience of limitation.
This is how powerful you are.
That you can even create an experience of total powerlessness while being an infinitely creative divine being.

Belief becomes reality.
Reality is belief, and belief is reality.

Be very careful what you believe – consciously and unconsciously.
For that is what you shall experience.

He who wishes to be absolutely unconditionally free must carefully examine their beliefs and definitions of themselves, existence, and reality.
They must carefully choose their beliefs and pull out the negative and limiting beliefs from their roots.

For in an infinite and limitless universe, beliefs of limitation are false and non-sensical. Only serving to create a temporary experience of limitation for a being who wishes to explore that experience.
Yet, as this reality is infinite, it can even contain a sub-reality within it of perceived and experienced limitation.

Without believing in ones own limitation, there is nothing in existence that will deny to you your infinite freedom, your unconditional support, your limitless creativity.
There is nothing that will contradict you.
Nothing that can deny you.
For there is naught else but you.

The only limitation is the belief in limitation.
You have used your infinite nature to craft an experience of seeming finitude.
This is the paradox.
Use the Power of Paradox to transform your belief from that of limitation to limitlessness.

Believe in your infinite potentiality.
And it shall be so.

Go beyond even belief,
to the knowing of your infinity.

What do you think?

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