The Rediscovery of Ancient Knowledge & The Reawakening of Ancient Wisdom

In this Transformational Age upon the planet, the buried treasures of the past are beginning to be unearthed.

As the cycle of ages spins onward and the wheel of time turns.
That which once was, returns again.
That which was lost, is rediscovered.
And that which was forgotten, is again remembered.

As has been prophesied, at this end of an Age and the beginning of a new one, all that has been forgotten and suppressed is reappearing. All is coming to the surface so that it can be seen. So that humanity can decide what serves us in our journey ahead, and what is to be left behind.

The veil of forgetting is wearing thinner and thinner. The walls separating Man from his true history and true potential are crumbling.
Things which have been hidden from Man in order to keep him asleep and disconnected from his true history and magical roots are now slowly leaking to the surface of humanity’s consciousness.


The Renaissance of the Ancients

Pre-historic ruins are being uncovered which upend the scientific establishments beliefs of history. Pyramids and temples which pre-date any known civilizations and shatter an old paradigm of human history, are in this day and age showing themselves.

Individuals are remembering past lives as Mayans, Aztecs and Incans; and incarnations in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, and Lumuria. They are experiencing these places and recalling the spiritual technologies used there.

Memories and hidden histories are resurfacing that tell of once great civilizations that have disappeared from the Earth. Their story had faded into myth, into legend. But are now being recognized as actual places and times where the Human Story has been written and lived.

These forerunners hold wisdom and lessons for us to learn, lest we repeat the same mistakes that doomed their civilizations.

On the internet, the World Wide Web, the knowledge of the ancients is being rediscovered and made available to anyone who seeks.
The Secret Teachings of the Ages are unveiled for anyone and everyone to learn. The books and secrets of the initiates of the mystery schools are laid open for all.

What before was available only to the select few who underwent great discipline and deprivation, who swore secret oaths, it is now accessible with a quick google search.


The Denial of Our Roots

The mainstream establishment is trying ignore the changes and hold onto an old paradigm. Yet, every day this becomes more difficult and more obviously either the height of ignorance or arrogance.

Either ignorant, in that they are burying their head in the sand so as to not allow themselves to see the truth that nearly everything they have been taught is wrong. Or arrogant, in that they continue to knowingly lie and suppress the truth in order to serve some authority in their attempt to suppress and control.

The denial of our roots leaves us unhealthy and impoverished.
It leaves us as orphan children, ignorant of the existence our forbearers and the family heirlooms they wished to pass down to us.


Re-Discovery, Re-Membering, & Re-Awakening

In order to move into the future, we must reach back into our past and gather together the ancient wisdom.

We must reclaim the entire inheritance of Man.

This is our inheritance, these are our experiences . For you are not new upon the earth, you have lived before, you have passed through many lives in many cultures on the planet.
Truly, you are your ancestors.

We must acknowledge that the ancients possessed great wisdom and spiritual technologies that surpass ours today.
That our outer technology and surface level science is very poor compared to the intuitive understandings, crystal technology, and inner mastery of our ancestors.

The acknowledgement of our full, true history will finally allow us to literally re-member the parts of ourselves that we had forgotten.
The integration of what we can learn from the previous civilizations will help to propel us into a totally New Age upon the Earth.

We have the great opportunity to be alive and contributors to this monumental rediscovery of ancient knowledge.
We are witnesses and participators in the re-awakening of the ancient wisdom contained within the Earth and within her people.
We are the ones who will remember ourselves, remember our true past, and remember our full and true heritage.

This is the Age where the riches of the past and the infinite potential of the future shall be united in The Now of the present.

Here and Now are where the experiences, discoveries, and creations of all of humanity are re-awakened and re-discovered as we establish a totally new humanity, a New Earth, and a New Golden Age of prosperity for all.


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May the blessings and fruits of this Work be with You, the Earth, and all beings throughout all dimensions of existence.


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