Stewards of the Earth

We are stewards upon the earth.
And the Earth is not ours, but belongs to all beings.

We are cosmic travelers, not really from earth.
She has been our womb and allowed us to incarnate here
She has given us a body and fed us with her bounty.

Humans do not own earth
It is not theirs to destroy .
Thus, we are stewards here, gardeners of this beautiful world.
We are here to tend to the Garden with wisdom and love

Now is the time for Humanity to consciously take on its role of Planetary Stewardship

Spoken Word Version of this Message

Why have we become disconnected?

People see the earth as a dead “thing”
Not alive, not sacred
Not as their earthly mother, their very flesh and blood

They see the earth as a dead inanimate object
And so they feel no pain in causing it pain, in destroying it, polluting it
In using it as a means for their end

Because we have become so disconnected from ourselves and the earth and the divine/god/cosmos

We are stewards of the earth, and it is our responsibility to care for her.

How can we reconnect with the earth?

– sacred plants
– make the effort to be in nature, in forests, take walks, garden,
– stories, poetry, mythos, inspiring movies, books,

We need a mythos that honors the earth and helps people to feel intimately connected with Her
The indigenous and ancient cultures had this mythos, and they lived close to the earth

Our technology and fast paced, work driven modern life keep us disconnected, separated, occupied, distanced from nature

Gaia’s weather fluctuations are signs that she is out of balance
They are also signs that she is sending to us that she needs help

Gaia is a Sentient Consciousness

It is possible to commune with the earth
To feel her, to communicate with her
That she truly is a sentient being of great consciousness and of great compassion and love for her children.

And not just Gaia
But trees, flowers, plants, animals – all things – are alive, are our brothers and sisters, require loving attention.

The earth will not be healed until the separation within human consciousness is healed.
We are split within ourselves, and thus we are disconnected from other humans, from the earth, and from All That Is.

It is time to become conscious stewards of Gaia, our Earthly Mother and our Home.
It is time to mature as a species and take the responsibility of Planetary Stewardship.

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