The Future is NOW

“The future isn’t what it once was.”
Truly, it never has been.

We have reached the End of Time.
The end of our tomorrows.
The end of becoming.

The New Earth, that which has been a hope and a dream,
Is now being born.

That which existed as only potential,
Is now becoming actual.

The potential is being manifest now.
The gap between actual and potential has disappeared.

We are within the center point of radical evolutionary change.

It is this that we must transform.
Here that we must act.
Now that we must create the future .

Our now has become our future.
Our future has become our now.

Tomorrow has become our today,
And today is now, tomorrow.

Time has sped up to the singularity.
As we break through linearity into multi-dimensionality.

Where now is all time,
And all time is NOW.

Where here is all places,
And all places are HERE.

The future is not on its way, it is already here.

Here, now, today.
We bring the future into the present,
and transform the present into the future.

We redeem the past,
and create the future
within the timeless NOW of the present.

What do you think?

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