A New Dream for Man


The Dream

For millennia Man has been asleep and lost in a dream that often is more truly – a nightmare.

Humans have been in a deep dream of separation, fear, and limitation for so long that we have accepted this false reality as real while not even realizing that we are dreaming.

Yet it is just a dream.

This waking “reality” that seems so fixed and objectively real is of the stuff that dreams are made of.

And so we are collectively dreaming and co-dreaming this dream, making it seem so tangible and inevitable. Yet we do not realize that this is just one dream out of an infinite number of dreams we could be experiencing.
Some of these other dreams are fantastical paradises, and some are even more dystopian and fallen than ours.

Due to forgetting our true nature as limitless creator beings we have become deeply enmeshed in our dream-nightmare. Thus creating a world that only serves to multiply the beliefs and experiences of selfishness, fear, lack, and separation.

However, we have reached the end of an Age and are entering the beginning of a new cycle. A great orchestration in the macrocosm and microcosm has ensured that the insanity of the illusion has reached such a limit that our suffering has acted as the catalyst for our awakening.


The Dreamer within the Dream

Ordinarily in our dreams we find ourselves sucked into situations and experiences that we have no control over. We are merely reacting unconsciously to the reality-experience that we find ourselves in.

Lucid dreaming is the skill of having enough awareness to realize while you are asleep that you are sleeping.
Upon this realization one knows that it is all an illusion in their mind and therefore they have the power to control the experience. You can laugh in the face of the terrifying monster knowing it has no power to hurt you, or you can instantly teleport yourself to anywhere you imagine and experience anything you wish.

The truth is that this skill of lucid dreaming while asleep is exactly analogous to our waking life and the little known truth that nearly everyone is actually deeply asleep even as they are in “waking” consciousness. In the same way, we can attain a certain lucidity in the daylight hours that enables us the same creative agency to effect the ultimately illusory external world.

In our world today, more and more sleepers are awakening within the dream and finding lucidity.
And as more individuals awaken and begin consciously living this dream-life it becomes possible for groups to come together with a shared vision for a New Earth

We are dreaming ourselves awake at the end of time.

As we dream ourselves awake, we come to lucidity and understanding of the nature of this dream and the dreamer of the dream.
With this awakening we can then turn our attention and energy away from giving continuance to the nightmare and be free to consciously dream the dream that we prefer.
A dream of beauty and joy, that would seem to be impossible to those still lost in dark and stormy dreams, yet is simple to those who are awake.


The Dreamer of the Dream

As we awaken to the truth that this whole drama is our own projection, created out of our own consciousness, we discover our sovereignty and power to use the complimentary forces of our Imagination and Will to dream a new dream and transform this nightmare into a joyous paradise. We realize how simple it actually is to create a world in which all are abundant, healthy, and free once we wake from the collective delusional nightmare that we have been born into and accepted as just “the way things are”.

Collectively, we shall cease to unconsciously fall victim to the belief of limitation and the illusions of form.
We shall no longer fight against illusory monsters but rather know that they cannot exist in the light of our awoken consciousness.
We shall consciously see through the illusory dream-state spell that has been cast upon us by those lost ones who seek only to control due to their own inner powerlessness and fear.

It is time to wake from the collective dream-nightmare, time to break the spell of hypnosis.
It is time to dream the dream that we prefer to dream, rather than falling victim to the the mass agreed upon insanity of the false reality that we have been born into and told is “normal”.

And realize also that just as wrong as falling victim to it – is to fight against it. The way is to neither be victimized nor to resist it, but to create a totally new reality that transcends them both.

To dream a new dream.

Dreamers awake!

The world as we know it is simply what we have believed/created it to be.
We can unmake this insane human collective reality and create a totally new one that nurtures the human spirit and where all are equally valued.

We are the Children of the New Dream


How do we do this?

  • Wake up! And realize that your waking life is another form of dream.
  • Cease beliefs in powerlessness, limitation, and victimhood to external reality.
  • Realize that you have the power to create your personal reality and live your deepest dream.
  • Likewise know that we, as the Human collective, have the power to co-create a New Dream for Mankind.
  • Take action and live in the world you wish to live in.  Make it so.


2 thoughts on “A New Dream for Man

  1. Those thoughts are almost the exact Ones i got in my moments of deep contemplation.

    It is due to rationalism, it seemed to be a gland that controls awareness and is mangled by the world

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