The Spiritual Transformation of Humanity

Guiding the collective forward into the next step in the evolution of humanity.
The evolution in, and of, consciousness.

This is my Work, and the great task that we who have chosen to be born in this place and time have come to do.

The Next Stage in Our Evolution

Human Beings have evolved physically and mentally.
Now the primary domain of our evolution has moved to consciousness.
And we are at the point where we must evolve – or we will destroy ourselves and our planetary home.

This spiritual transformation, this evolution of our consciousness entails evolving beyond thought and the egoic mind.
This is our identification with form – believing that our mind-body personality is all that we are.
When we perceive reality from this perspective alone, it disconnects us from our deeper connection to all life, all beings, all of existence.
It causes us to live in separation – which leads to fear, greed, and the self-obsession that creates misery for oneself and others.

It is only a transformation in consciousness that will allow us to move forward to a golden future that our heart’s know is possible.
A future where every being on Earth lives in abundance, without fear of lack, and where all are freely living their joy.

The Individual IS the Collective

It is obvious that a radical and fundamental shift must occur.
We cannot continue down the path we are on, and gradual adjustments and external reforms will not suffice.

The outer chaos of the world is merely an external reflection of the turmoil and confusion within each and every human being.
The society is made up of individuals, and the revolution can only take place within the individual first.

The Human psyche is at a breaking point from its disconnection from itself, from nature, from others, and from the divine.
Yet, when one hits rock bottom the possibility for a 180 degree turn and a rapid rise into the light is possible.
This is where Humanity as a collective stands today.

Human beings are largely lost in the dream of their own mind-created world.
We are so disconnected from our heart’s truth, from living our joy.
We have created this society that does not serve us, rather we serve it.
We become cogs in the machine of something outside of ourselves.

We must realize that a radical transformation is the only way

It is important that the society as a whole realize that we have reached a dead-end as far as the way we have been heading.
That something is fundamentally insane about our current culture.
We must collectively understand that we must make a deep inner shift and transformation.

We must know that all of the things we have tried do not work.
That all the solutions our thinking minds produce do not solve the true problem.
That perhaps the way forward lies beyond thought – not in falling beneath it, but in transcending a purely mental based existence.

In nature, creatures sometime run into a brick wall, where they must either undergo a radical evolution or die.
Humanity is in such an evolutionary crisis point.
And the truth is we have walked off a cliff – where we must grow our wings and fly into the skies, or we will crash to the ground in annihilation.

To grow our wings is to open up to the spiritual dimensions of existence.
To have an identity that transcends our bodily form and the thinking mind.
To become more sensitive to the subtle energies of existence and to expand our awareness to encompass our oneness with All.

How will this revolution come about?

The spiritual revolution, the evolution of our consciousness does not happen by more external unconscious activity – by more compulsive doing.
It happens in turning within, being inwardly still and silent.
In following our heart and learning to listen to the quiet voice of the soul.

It happens in dropping out of the false reality that we have been born into and conditioned into perpetuating.
It requires a radical spiritual rebellion against all that is false and untrue – which is a very large part of our artificial culture.

As more and more individuals wake up, come alive as they discover and live their true, natural selves there is a growing energy that makes it easier for others to do the same.

Positive energy is exponentially more powerful than negative energy.
It only takes a very small percentage of the population to awaken from the false reality for this to be felt by the entire collective of human consciousness.

This transformation is small at this moment, but soon the fire of Truth will spread like wildfire and overtake the Earth.

What do you think?

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