Science & Science™: A Response to Neil deGrasse Tyson

That intelligent extraterrestrial would then ask you:
“Who’s version of science?”
“Who’s definition of science?”

Some on this planet do not deny science, but deny Science™

There is a world of difference between Science™ and Science
And one must necessarily deny Science™ to practice the true thing.

Science™, or scientism, is the religion of our times
It has its own dogma of materialism that cannot be questioned,
The authority of high priests who claim to know all,
And sacred texts of paid-for studies that serve the interests of the power structures of our world.

Much of the Science™ that the true-believer Tyson prostrates before is paid for and pushed by those with clear biases and agendas of power, control, and wealth.
It also completely ignores the role of subjectivity and consciousness – the foundation of our very existence and experience.

How very unscientific!

True Science is the process of questioning and experimentation by which an individual approaches Truth regardless of the current, limited beliefs and false paradigms.

It is the process of the discovery and knowing of Truth – which encompasses both the inner, subjective realm and the outer, objective world.

The True Scientist begins first with their own mind and perceptions to separate the true from the false, reality from illusion.

The True Scientist lives the maxim “Know Thyself”
And so knows The All

Most of the scientists of today are a victim of their ignorance and intellectual arrogance.

They are undone by their own biases, blind spots, and foundational beliefs that they think are truths but are not.

ET’s are surely fascinated by the Human religion of Science™.

How human science is so primitive in its materialism and ignore-ance of consciousness.

And of how those who claim to follow the scientific method can be so ignorant of their very unscientific attitudes and methods

What do you think?

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