The Conspiracy of ONE

There are many conspiracies, for individuals and our society as a whole hides aspects of itself from itself.

Our civilization operates from beliefs in scarcity, in programs of illusion and deception, in fear of powerlessness which lead to the attempt to hold power, and in a childish consciousness that looks to our “parents” in our governments and media to take care of us and tell us what is true and what is false.

And there will continue to be conspiracies as long as we continue playing unconscious games of power over others, secrecy, greed, and the ignorance of reality by the masses which allows it all to continue.

Yet we can see now, that conspiracies are going mainstream. The cycles of time are causing the hidden darkness to be forced into the light of awareness. The Great Illusion could not continue forever, and its time is at an end.

It may be true that Epstein didn’t kill himself, JFK was murdered by the CIA, extraterrestrials have been interacting with humanity from our very origin, and there is a global cabal of bloodline psychopaths who control the media, the banks, the government, the education system, the “healthcare” system, the tech companies, religious institutions, and academia.

It may be true that our history is a lie, our mainstream science is fake, our food, waters, and air have been poisoned, and that humanity has been locked into a limited band of frequency which encourages fear, competition, and materialism so that we do not grow spiritually and realize that we are free, divine, and powerful beings capable of creating a heaven on earth.

Despite all this, there is really only one conspiracy.

The only conspiracy is the fact that an infinite and eternal being has conspired to incarnate into a matrix dream reality to play out the game of being limited.

The greatest conspiracy is the fact that there is no physical reality, only beliefs which create the experience of physical reality. And the world you experience is only the reflection of the portions of your own consciousness projected outward upon the screen of time and space.

The real conspiracy is that there is only ONE here, playing the roles of the victim and the perpetrator, the hero and the villain.

This is The Great Conspiring.

That we, as the One, have created this experience because it is a perfectly valid one in the infinite possibility of creation. We have conspired with our other selves to stage this play which explores deep ignorance, intense limitation, and extreme forgetting.

We have undertaken this journey in order to experience the story that unfolds as we transform darkness into light, fear into love, limitation into limitless freedom.

This is the one conspiracy and the conspiracy of ONE.

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