We Are Bearing Witness to the Drama of a Dying World

Allow it to totally die, so that we may create a New Man & a New Earth.

My friend, be very careful about what you give your attention and energy. There is so much that is unimportant and just serves to draw us into the drama of a dying world. For that is what is happening. The Old World is dying and a New Earth is being born.

There are changes brewing that are soon to make all the surface-level political theater meaningless. I invite you to both zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in and therefore see what is happening beneath the surface. The drama you see in the media and on social media about elections and politicians is really not important and is only the tiny surface of what is going on behind the scenes in our world.

Something is happening that is far bigger than mere politics, bigger than Trump or Biden. This is much bigger than we can imagine. There is an awakening happening in humanity. This is a spiritual evolution in consciousness long in the making coming into fruition. Humanity as a whole, and many people who have been deeply asleep, unconscious, ignorant are beginning to wake up and see that they have been living in an illusory world, a world based in untruth.

This inner awakening in more and more people is manifesting outward(as all things begin in consciousness and then are experienced without) in every aspect of our civilization. As the light grows, the darkness is revealed and all that humanity has pushed under the rug and hidden in their unconsciousness is rising up to the surface so we can see it and then make a decision about who choose to be and what kind of world we wish to create.

This is something that has been prophesied by many seers from ancient civilizations. That in these times we are in now there will be a Great Shift to a totally new experience on Earth after thousands of years of living in ignorance, limitation, fear, and separation.

The Old World is falling, the old energy can no longer sustain itself. In 2020 everything is being exposed and that is why everything seems so chaotic and insane right now. It has to get darkest right before the dawn, and this breakdown of everything precedes a breakthrough. The insanity of the modern world is what gives birth to a new consciousness.

The lies and corruption in the most powerful and influential institutions on our planet are being exposed. They are being revealed – the media, governments, corporations, religious institutions, the financial system, the healthcare industry, education, and others. This COVID scamdemic has acted as the biggest catalyst, created by “the powers that were” to attempt to cling to the last vestiges of power.

The mainstream media and the tech companies are becoming comically obvious in their censoring of truth and those who speak it. We will look back at these times in compassionate and understanding pity at the absolute draconian levels of silencing and suppression of truth, freedom, and human dignity that is occurring. And worse, it is being cheered on and zealously encouraged by at least half of the population who ignorantly believes that all perspectives other than that of the “authorities” and “experts” are wrong, dangerous, and should be removed.

The fact is, if someone isn’t beginning to see by now that they have been lied to on a massive scale and the power-structures in our world don’t exist to serve them but rather to keep the status quo – then they are shutting their eyes and refusing to see what is obvious. For these people, it is only when they are smacked in the face with the truth that they will snap out of their hypnotized trance. This day is approaching quickly, and this will be a very traumatic experience for them.

Those who have been in power and have had their fingers on the puppet strings can only plug so many holes in a sinking ship before the truth leaks out, first in a trickle and then in a flood. We have been experiencing the trickle and now it is building to that flood which breaks through suddenly.

Look to the end of this year and the beginning of 2021 for the dam to burst. As crazy as 2020 has been, 2021 will be even crazier. As humanity undergoes a healing crisis and purges the sickness and corruption that has been festering hidden within us – both within the individual and within every major societal institution that we have been conditioned into placing our trust in.

Soon people won’t be able to deny the truth. They will have to choose between changing their beliefs about themselves and the world or else they will go down with the sinking ship of the Old World. That is what is happening right now. There is a Great Divide happening between those who are willing to evolve themselves and own their own perceptions of truth, and those who want to continue to give up their sovereignty and responsibility and instead allow themselves to be controlled by those they perceive to be authoritative in media and government.

You may not particularly like Trump(although he is an interesting character isn’t he?) and he may not be someone who we can respect and follow as a leader of America or the world. But, he is not the establishment candidate who is a puppet of the Deep State. He is the wrecking ball that is exposing the hypocrisy and lies of the powerful and the media and contributing towards a complete restructuring of our world. He is of the old consciousness and will not have a role in the new, but he has been the right man for the job because he has the toughness and impenetrable ego to withstand all the negativity and attacks from the political and media establishment. Sometimes you need an egotistical motherfucker to take the slings and arrows of the corrupt so that after the battle has been fought “the meek shall inherit the earth”.

There is a very real possibility that it will be shown that there was a large scale voter fraud operation that was responsible for Biden “winning”. Actually he hasn’t won, the president isn’t nominated until December. We are witnessing the last dying gasps of an impotent media trying desperately to convince people that he won and it is over. If in fact it is shown that there was cheating in order to sneak Biden into office and Trump is declared the winner, all the people with TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome: DSM-6) will lose their minds. They have been traumatized by the media they mindlessly consume to believe that Trump is some special fascist and the crumbling of this mad obsession may be their undoing.

Ask yourself, why has the entire corrupt establishment focused all of its artillery on taking down Trump and the millions of people worldwide who are sharing alternative perspectives and information that is not officially sanctioned? Could it be that they are frantic in their attempt to keep control of the narrative and therefore our perception and understanding of reality? Could it be that those who have proven themselves again and again to be lying, corrupt, and beholden only to their own thirst for power are actually the true enemy of humanity?

All signs are pointing to the fact that in the next weeks and months there are going to be massive revelations unveiled to the public at large. Corrupt individuals will then be taken down worldwide as our entire world undergoes a fundamental restructuring.

Come 2021 we likely won’t have Joe Biden or Donald Trump as president. For either one of them to win would likely cause a civil war in America and thousands would die. Biden may be disqualified due to fraud and the exposure of corruption and Trump may either step down or be made to stand down and we may have a completely different person step up to lead. Someone who has shown their integrity and people from both “sides” can accept. Perhaps we won’t even have a U.S.A by the end of 2021. The absolute rebuilding of our world may be that complete.

This is not about surface level politics and the same old status quo that has been intact for all of our lifetimes. There is a divine plan and a spiritual unfolding happening in which you and I as individual humans are just along for the ride. Nothing can stop what is coming. The light always wins eventually because all there is, is light.

Humanity as a whole has been awakening for decades and we are in those very interesting times where the major shifts are occurring. What is important now is to not get involved with all this drama of the dying world, the world in transition, but to turn within and empower yourself to create the life you wish to live in the state of consciousness that you prefer.

The times we are in now and those ahead will challenge every single individual. Those who value truth and love above all else will pass through the eye of the needle within their own pocket of stillness in the storm. Those who are attached to their outdated beliefs, ideologies, and insistence on creating conflict and division between people will succumb to the upheaval of their illusory world and be buried by the weight of all their attachments to falsities.

From the unreal lead us to the real
From darkness lead us to light
From death lead us unto immortality

The unreal, the false, the dark, the corrupt is being exposed and therefore ended.
The real, the true, the light, and the loving are rising up and claiming their rightful place.
This was inevitable, this has been decreed by the cycles of time, this is the fulfillment of prophecy, this is divine will. This is something we all are contributing towards in our own unique way, even if we don’t “do” anything in the physical world. Just your presence is enough to tip the scales.

I’ll see you on the other side. That is when the fun truly begins.
When we as one humanity have removed the rotten corruption by its very roots with one great pull and are therefore free to come together to create a New Earth and a New Reality free from control and suppression.

You chose to be here in this NOW.
You volunteered to transform the darkness and bear witness to the Great Awakening.
All is being unveiled and Truth shall be known.

15 thoughts on “We Are Bearing Witness to the Drama of a Dying World

  1. What sane black person- and especially Nigerian American would follow Trump? Have you heard the things he has said about us?

    Is Trump a leader for the whites only? Seems like it.

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