Conspirituality: The Truth of the Inner Reality & the Outer World Are One

Recently there has been concern by those who love to find things to be concerned about that the realms of spirituality and conspiracy are merging. These people see this as a dangerous trend and a threat to our society.

These people think this way because they understand neither spirituality nor the truth of (some) conspiracies. 

Spirituality and conspiracy theories tend to go together because they are both concerned with finding the truth. 

Spiritual truth is the inner reality of the individual.
Conspiratorial truth seeks to know the outer reality of the society.

For the human being, finding themselves within a strange and mad world while not knowing who they truly are – they are called to walk both of these avenues of truth.

Life itself is a grand conspiracy and a spiritual phenomenon.
There is a conspiratorial aspect to spirituality.
And a spiritual aspect to world conspiracies.

There is a grand conspiracy occurring within the human being.
This conspiracy is the ignorance of reality that leads to identification with form and, therefore, not knowing one’s unity with All That Is.

There is also a spiritual unfolding playing itself out in our world through the Story of Humanity.
This story is the Human journey of giving up their sovereignty for comfort and gifts and allowing themselves to become ignorant and disempowered by those they see as their “parents” and leaders.

Self & World Awakening

To know yourself is to know all.
To know the truth of yourself means that you naturally also begin to see the truth of the world.
This means you see through the illusions of this insane culture we are born into.

To be free means to be free of all illusions, all restrictions.
It is to understand the conditions of the false-matrix reality upon the Earth.
This society where everything is backward, upside down, and reversed of what is right, true, beautiful, and good.

Conspiracies & Spirituality

There are unhealthy, ungrounded forms of both conspiracies and spirituality.

The person who only investigates the world’s truth and becomes obsessed with conspiracies tends to fall into victimhood, fear-based beliefs, obsession with darkness, despair, cynicism, etc.
This person emphasizes the external world and doesn’t take care of their own self, their own state of health, and spiritual growth.

They don’t understand that they are a divine creator being who cannot be controlled and enslaved without their own acceptance.
Ironically and tragically, the conspiracy-obsessed give the conspirators more power and more reality through their fear and hatred.

The person who only investigates the truth of themselves but doesn’t also apply this quest for truth to the world within which they must live is perhaps better off than the conspiracy-obsessed. However, they are still in an incomplete state of awareness.
Without understanding one’s environment and the situation you are born and live, you cannot understand how to intelligently live within this world as a sovereign being.

This type of spirituality can tend to childish New Age platitudes, superficial feel-good self-delusion, ignoring one’s own shadows, etc. Additionally, these people participate in an anti-human and anti-divine agenda simply through naivety and ignorance.

The whole, awake integrated individual has done the research, the discipline, and the work in both areas.
They have done the shadow work in themselves and so can also handle the shadow of humanity. They can exist as a healing and awakening presence in this world as they act as an example and an emitter of a new, higher frequency of consciousness.

A man such as Jesus was not merely a spiritual figure meditating and teaching harmless spiritual truth. He also understood the situation of the world, and his life and teachings reflected this intelligent integration.

He told his disciples that they must be willing to go against society’s beliefs and values to know and live Truth.
“If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.”

The story of him turning over the money changers’ tables shows his passion was for all aspects of life. He moved through the world and setting it afire with the flame of truth and liberation. He was a threat to the existing control structure and its status quo.
Jesus was seen as a “terrorist” and a threat to the powers that were, and they had him killed for it.
This is how a being existing in Christ Consciousness impacts this world.

To Be Truly Awake, You Must Know Oneself AND The Matrix

Spiritual awakening requires understanding the truth of your Self and your world.
You must know your inner consciousness and also the reality you live within.

If you are not awake to the truth of the world you live in, then you are not truly awake.
And if you are not awake to the truth of your very own self, then you are not awake either.

In the movie The Matrix, Neo took the red pill and woke up to the truth of the world he lived within. But this was just the first step of understanding.
He was not fully awakened and enlightened as “The One” until he had the inner transformation and came to know who he truly was and that he was the creator of his reality.

Coming to realize the truth of one’s predicament in this Matrix of the human world on Earth is just the beginning – walking the spiritual path to discover empowerment, liberation, and the truth of life is the real goal.

Inner & Outer Truth

When you follow an authentic spiritual path, you learn to question all of what you have believed to be true about yourself.

  • You clean up your physical body from ingesting toxins and from engaging in unhealthy habits. 
  • You observe your actions, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to see if they are aligned with truth and what you prefer to be. 
  • You undergo a process of unlearning and removing from yourself all the conditioned beliefs about yourself implanted in you from the world around you. 
  • You liberate yourself from abusive relationships and relationships founded upon lies, coercion, secrets, etc.
  • You leave behind external religion and create/discover true spirituality.

The process of waking up to the truth of the world and therefore transcending it is also the same practice, just applied to the world you exist within.

  • You observe the actions, words, and intent behind the structures of power and influence in our world and examine what their true agendas are and the fruits of their efforts.
  • You unlearn what you have been taught in school, from the media, from the scientific establishment, from the politicians and realize that not only is what they are saying fundamentally untrue – but the entire system is founded upon lies, a belief in the legitimacy of authority, etc.
  • You free yourself from the abusive relationship with your government and other external control systems in your life. You learn to be responsible and sovereign without external dependency.
  • You realize that money is a religion, government is a religion, modern science is a religion – all belief systems that, when investigated, are illegitimate and keep humanity enslaved.

The two go hand in hand – inner awakening and outer awakening.
Inner sovereignty and outer sovereignty.

The more you do your inner work, the more the external world will become transparent, and you will easily see every person and every system that is out of alignment with Truth.

One Must Do Both the Inner and the Outer Work

Hundreds of years ago, the world was much simpler, and one could focus on their own spiritual growth. There was much less to investigate to know the truth of the external world. 

However, today the human being is so inundated with technology, distractions, agendas, conditioning, and misinformation that you must come to understand the truth of the world around you, or else your life will be unhappy and unhealthy, and your spiritual growth will be hindered or stopped altogether. 

Not only will believing the lies of the false world drive you insane and rob you of your health, but we are also at a point in human history where there needs to be a mass awakening of people who take their power back from the corrupt structures of power that threaten to destroy our world and reduce humanity to a technological subhuman nightmare. 

It is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Going Down The Rabbit Hole

When you go truly deep within yourself and this reality, you begin to encounter how truly, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

As you investigate the nature of humanity, our origins, and our current state – you come upon evidence and accounts that point to truths about humanity that would put 90% of people in the hospital in a state of shock and disbelief.

Like people in the Matrix movie, most people don’t want to know the truth, and if they were forced into seeing it, they would deny it, attack the one attempting to show them, and possibly go insane.

Like Plato’s dwellers in the cave – any reality outside of the shadows upon the wall is laughed off and dismissed as a “crazy conspiracy theory.”

For the one who unshackles themself and walks out of the cave and into the light of day, the true nature of reality is both a spiritual truth and a grand conspiracy.

All Truths Lead to One Truth

At the deepest level, spirituality and conspiracy combine.
If you investigate either one deeply, you will encounter the other.
In investigating the truth of oneself, one naturally comes to see the truth of the world – for the world is a mirror of yourself.

All the same themes are being played out in the world as in your consciousness.
Human beings are struggling with the same things the individual is learning to evolve beyond.
For the collective is a fractal of the individual.

The one with an integrated spiritual insight understands that the human experience is one grand conspiracy on many levels.

They will realize that the world they thought they lived in is the creation of their own consciousness, is a multi-dimensional mirror of themselves.
They will see that it is an illusion, a dream, and nothing within it can enslave them other than their belief in limitation and lack.

They will understand that human beings are conspiring together to create a certain reality-experience here on Earth. For thousands of years, that experience has entailed a group of negatively polarized beings playing the role of rulers and manipulators of mankind. 

However, this has been all part of the game, the play, the theatre and served the purpose of learning and exploration.

That game is coming to a close, and much is being revealed.
Hence the rising trend of conspiracies and spirituality merging together and appearing in the mainstream consciousness.

Conspiracies and spirituality are going mainstream because we are reaching the end of the Grand Illusion – Humanity’s prolonged state of ignorance, hypnosis, and sleep.

We are in the time of The Revealing and The Great Shift, where humanity en masse awakens to long forgotten and suppressed truths and makes a quantum leap in evolution.

Not all spirituality is authentic.
Not all conspiracies are true.
But it is the nature of our earth experience and the greater reality that everything is both a spiritual experience and a conspiratorial unfolding.

These two elements are coming together now in the year 2021 as a central theme in the Story of the New Earth

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