The Power of Your Attention To Give Life and Reality

If human beings just learned to ignore all the narratives meant to keep us enmeshed in the drama of an illusory world – they would disappear.

Ignoring the Woke insanity.
Ignoring what the media is saying.
Ignoring the divide & conquer propaganda.
Ignoring what the government is saying.
Ignoring what Dr. Faux Chi is saying.
Ignoring all the fear-mongering.
Ignoring the Climate doomsayers.

Ignore it all, but do not deny it.
Ignore it, and give your attention and energy to that which you wish to create and experience.

Trillions of dollars are spent in getting humanity to put their creative attention and energy into false and disempowering narratives.

When you “pay attention”, you are literally “paying” the price.

And even those who fight against those false, disempowering narratives sustain them by participating in the drama, by giving them more energy and sustaining their reality.

Your attention is a sacred and profound power.
It is the power to create, the power to bring realities into existence that you prefer.
And also the power to allow realities you do not prefer to disappear from your life and from the world.

Be careful what you pay attention to.
Be careful what you allow to become manifest in your reality.

You can turn your head and ignore, but not deny, that which you do not prefer and do not wish to sustain.
And then you can give your time, energy, attention, love, and creative action to that which you do prefer and wish to propagate.

Use your creative energy and attention wisely.

What do you think?

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