The Caterpillar and The Butterfly

The Caterpillar and the Butterfly.
The difference between the two is immense.


One is essentially dead, and the other is vibrantly alive.
One crawls upon the earth, and the other flies into the skies.
One eats of gross matter, and the other feasts on the nectar of flowers.
One is solid and plain, the other is fragile and beautiful.


The Caterpillar

The caterpillar knows only eating and survival. Its world is a harsh one where danger and death are its constant shadow.
Its gaze is so fixated upon consuming and survival that it has no consciousness of anything else.
It is blind and mute to all but it’s own existence.

However, do not condemn the caterpillar, for he is on the way to being the butterfly.
He is the pillar upon which the ceiling of the ethereal cathedral is enabled to soar above the earth.


All butterflies were once caterpillars.
And all caterpillars will someday be butterflies.


The Chrysalis

The bridge between the caterpillar and the butterfly is the cocoon.
Somewhere deep within the caterpillar is felt the deep need of a revolution in his being.
It does not know what it will become, it only knows that it must become.

Once the caterpillar has grown as much as it can in this physical dimension it will need to prepare for a birth into a higher dimension.
When he reaches a certain maturity, it can no longer be a caterpillar, it can no longer be gross and limited.
It’s soul longs and reaches out into the unknown for some untold freedom.

Monarch chrysalis dark b 9-27-12

The caterpillar spins its own chrysalis out of himself. It spins it’s grave/womb out of the finest and most delicate silk.
It enters into this second womb, dies, and is born anew.
While in the infinite darkness it will lose all connection to the outside world. It will pass beyond time and before form.


In a moment outside of time a totally new being is born
A disconnection with the past has taken place.

The butterfly then must eat the material of it’s own prison, it must imbibe within itself that old shell which was the matrix of its evolution.
It emerges from the darkness and stretches it’s wings.
Now it’s true journey has just begun.


The Butterfly

The butterfly is otherworldly, eternal. Yet it has it’s roots in this world.
For it has now transcended the caterpillar, yet still it includes it.

The butterfly can now go back and forth and pass between worlds. It flits about the earth and communes with the caterpillars.
They will hardly understand the language of the butterfly, but perhaps something deep within will be stirred by the beauty and truth of this being. It’s grace will be an inspiration and a reminder of their own infinite potential.

Butterfly tattoo, geometrical style. Beautiful Swallowtail boho t-shirt design. Mystical symbol of freedom, nature, tourism. Realistic butterfly art tattoo for women

The butterfly is the Soul.
Within the butterfly is the unbearable lightness of being. The joy of life and it’s fragility, and the nearness of death
For it has undergone many evolutions in it’s journey, many deaths and resurrections in it’s flight to perfection and limitless liberation.

You are a butterfly,
And the Earth is your chrysalis.


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