The Key to the Mystery


There are many keys to the infinite mystery.
In fact, all things are keys…. for all things can reveal unto you the mysteries of life.


Man in his slumber comes to realize that he has locked himself in prison of his own making.
Where is he to find the lock?
And where is he to find the key?

mystic-eye-peeping-keyhole-graphic-outline-drawing-noir-retro-style-isolated-vector-illustration-vintage-t-shirt-79665793 (1)

The keyhole is the mystery.
It is an unfathomable abyss in which you may enter into, provided that you possess the key.

The key is an instrument to open locks.
And all things that are valuable are hidden behind locks.
The lock ensures that valuable things are not taken and profaned by those who have not earned them.


The treasures are not locked and hidden away to keep them from Man.
Rather, the are kept in secret so that they may be found.
So that Man may become curious.
And so that the individual undertakes the Quest in order to create and discover himself.


Each key fits only one lock,
Unless you find a universal key.

This is the Key to the mysteries,
One Master Key which opens all locks and all doors in the universe.


The truth is that within yourself is the Master key.

The truth is that YOU are the Key.


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